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How is everyone doing? Last week's letter had some pretty good stories so hopefully I can keep it up this time... We didn't have any more run ins with sikh guys, but it was still a super good week!
Danish holidays are pretty funny. Or at least the stories behind them. Saturday was a holiday called Fastelavns. In the old days, it used to be a holiday to get rid of evil. This was done by taking a black cat (I guess the symbol of evil?) and putting it in a barrel and then beating the barrel until the cat was dead... Kinda harsh. But nowadays it has turned into a pretty fun holiday. Instead of a cat, they use candy, so kinda like a pinata. Except it's still a barrel so it's pretty hard to break and gets pretty intense! We got to go to our ward's Fastelavns party and watch them do it. Everyone dresses up like it's halloween and they make Fastelavns boller ( a pastry that you decorate kinda like a sugar cookie) and then at the end they break the barrels. Everyone lines up and starts wailing on the barrel and then when it finally breaks they all cheer and grab the candy.

Kind of a fun little holiday  to get to go and see them celebrate it! The Danish culture  is so fun :)
We taught a family this week!!! While we were walking to an appointment last week we approached a big group of people and stopped them. Turns out it was a great big family! We introduced ourselves, and they were interested in what our church was because they hadn't heard of it before and they liked religion. They asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses and after I said no, they said " Sweet! We are really interested in all that stuff, just not Jehovah's Witnesses!" So we told them a little about the gospel and asked if there was a time that we could come and teach them all. And they arranged a time that they could all gather in one of the daughters' apartment so we could meet and tell them about it which will be on Thursday!  We showed up and they were all there, had some cake for us, and were happy to see us. We had a really cool lesson with them about the plan of salvation, because they asked some questions about it, and talked a lot about eternal families. They liked it all, even said they agreed with it all, and when we asked if we could come back and tell them more, they arranged another day for us to come this week!!! Pretty sweet eh? We were pretty stoked after that. So that was by far the highlight of the week. I'll make sure to keep you updated on how it goes.
Well, I hope you all had a great week!! I'm loving life here in Denmark. This will be the last week of the transfer, So there is a possibility that next time I write I will have a new comp! But hopefully not. Me and Æ. Ockey have been having a really good time and the work is clicking so hopefully he stays for one more. But have a great week! I love you all and miss you all! Don't miss 'em!
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