Monday, March 24, 2014


How is everyone doing?? Is it spring yet in Utah? It has been getting pretty warm here. The sun already comes up before 6 and is going down around 8, so the days are getting longer! Crazy because it doesn't seem too long ago that the sun would only be up for like 3 hours a day. The whole sunlight thing is just crazy here! Soon it will be only 6 hours of darkness. Nuts.
We ran into a Utahn!!!
Talk about the biggest double take of my life holy cow!! We got on the bus and saw this kid wearing a Utah sweater and just flipped (on splits with Æ. Enniss). He is a foreign exchange student here in Denmark! Lives in West Jordan. Crazy stuff, eh? He wasn't a member but was stoked to talk with us. It was super fun! We exchanged contact info and are going to try and go get lunch one day and hopefully get to talk with him. So that was just great!
Funny story for the week: It was just a normal night of knocking, spreading the word. We had just knocked on a door and introduced who we were. I looked over to the side down the stairwell and saw the police coming up the stairs. So I just kinda thought "Well, this must be a sketchy stairwell or something. Wonder what is going on!"  But then they stopped at us... and pulled out notebooks and asked for some ID... Haha we were like what the heck?! But went along with it. Just showed them our visas and all that stuff and answered their questions. They asked what we were doing so we explained that we were missionaries and were just out talking to people. After they saw that we weren't really doing anything they stopped with the questions and explained that they had thought that we were thieves going around trying to get in apartments. Haha So they tracked us down so they could check us out! But we weren't so they let us be and walked back down the stairs. But, this is the best part: We turned around, expecting the door that we just knocked to be long shut by now, But it wasn't! They guy was still there. So we just picked it up where we left off haha! Said a quick sorry for the confusion and laughed a bit, and the guy turned out to be super open! We ended up talking for a while and he took a book and made an appointment with us so we could come over and explain the book a little more! Hahah Not too bad. I'll take it! Definitely one of my crazier contacts that I've had on my mission, but super stoked that it turned out the way it did!
Familien Hansen came to church again! This time it was just the kids! The parents both had to work but the kids (18 and 28) came! They had a great time and the talks and lessons in church were just money for what they needed. Stayed all 3 hours. And they told us next week they will be coming back! With the whole family!! We are beyond stoked. It is going to be great! They will be bringing all their little kids and taking them to primary and the whole shabang. So things are going great with them. They are reading, liking the lessons, and really searching for an answer. We kinda serioused it up a bit with finding an answer in this last lesson and it went great, so we are excited to see what happens this week. They are so great holy cow.
Well, hope all is going good for everyone and that your brackets are doing well!! Know that I love you and miss you all and that I think about you and pray that all is going fantastic for you! Have a great week!

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