Monday, January 26, 2015



Sorry for missing last week. We kinda had a crazy P-day and didn't get a ton of emailing time. 

Things are still going great! The work is rolling and we are having a really good time. Funny story of the week: We taught a lady with short term memory loss. Ha. She was way nice, but didn't get a word of what we said. We would teach something, and then after we taught it she would be like 'wait, what church do you come from?' and then we would tell her who we were. And then she would be like 'oh. And what did you want to talk about?' Ha she did that like 4 times... So we just gave her a Book of Mormon. We went to go and leave and she tried to give the book back, and we were like  'its a gift for you' and then she smiled and said 'mange tak!' many thanks. Then she asked a question about the book and we answered it, and then went to leave again, and she tried to give the book back. We again told her that it was a gift. She responded in the same way. "Mange Tak." Also with the same question about the book hahaha, And that cycle continued for a bit. It was pretty funny, and eventually we were able to wrap it up and leave. Super nice lady though. 

We'll find out in a week if I will stay in Århus for my last transfer. I have my fingers crossed :) It is a pretty fun place. I really have enjoyed it here. The ward isn't super big even though it is Denmark's second biggest city, and I have gotten to know them pretty well. Ha, there is this one old lady, Eva (she is like Yoda in woman form), who invited all four of us elders over for dinner the other night. It was a great dinner, we had a great time. But for desert she made a grød (I don't know what that is in English) out of prunes............... It destroyed us. Our poor toilet that night... haha made for a great story though :) I love it here. 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you and miss you! 


On splits with Æ. Mogensen, one of the other elders we live with here in Århus

Monday, January 12, 2015



HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!! Its my brother's b-day so everyone be sure to give him a call and congratulate him on reaching double digits :) Love you Preston! 

So, last week I mentioned how I still write 2014 in my journal entries... well, I went to go write in my journal last night and discovered that hasn't changed haha. Still writing 2014. fail.

We made a road trip this week! An elder in our zone has a bad knee and so the mission was going to give him a car while he waits for it to get better, but the car was in Copenhagen. Luckily, we were in Copenhagen for a meeting, so instead of taking the train back we got to drive the car all the way back to him! 4 hours! It was great :) Ha, except for when we started driving and realized that the car didn't have a map or GPS and we were in the middle of Copenhagen... I just drove west until eventually we hit a freeway and then it was smooth sailing from there. We were pretty proud though. That was definitely the highlight of the week. 

We had a good week. Things are going well with our investigators and we are staying busy. It has been really warm lately, just SUPER windy. But I won't complain. Its not freezing so all is well :) 

Hope all is going well for you all! Love you and miss you!


Monday, January 5, 2015


Hej allesammen! 

So uhhh.... how is 2015? It's always crazy when you realize that a year has gone by. I still write 2014 on all my journal entries on accident. I guess my brain is just having an extra hard time this year figuring out that its 2015. 

Last year I talked about how crazy new years was in Silkeborg... But man, Århus was nuts. Like, I have never seen anything like it in my whole life (even with Silkeborg last year). I tried to take pictures... But it really doesn't do it justice.
Luckily I took a ton of video :) so when I get home I will have to it to all of you. There were fireworks like this for 40 minutes though... crazy. 

Things are going good with Æ. Zenger. It was a really fun week. We work pretty similar and have same goals so it is clicking really well! I really like Århus and wouldn't mind if this was my last area. Ha, we'll see :) 

Sorry, I don't really have a ton of good stories this week. Ældste Zenger got hugged by a SUPER drunk guy haha, that was funny. 

Hope that you all came good into the new year (I know that sounds horrible... its the translation of what all the danes say about new years) Have a great week! Elsker jer!