Monday, January 27, 2014


Well... Its winter! It's finally here!
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Its been pretty chilly all week but we got a good little storm this morning, so we went out and played in it for a bit before coming to email.
So. This is most likely my last email from Silkeborg :( kinda sad. We will be getting transfer calls tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure where I'm going yet, but I'll find out soon enough! I cant believe i have been here 6 months... but I'm way happy that I have been able to stay here for so long. I have had a ton of fun and love this place. I'll miss views like this
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But I'll be excited about wherever I go. Transfers are on mandag and I'm not sure if I will get to email, so if you don't get anything from me next week, that's probably why! The suspense of waiting to find out where I'm going is killing me...

I played hockey this week!!! That's right! We were on splits in Horsens and they had built a little ice rink in their town square and as we were walking by on our way back in, these people were playing hockey, so I stopped and asked them if they had extra skates. They didn't. But they had an extra stick!! And they let me use it! So I ran around on the ice and played hockey with them for a little bit and it was amazing!Way fun haha. And then after we talked for a little bit about where I came from and how I was a missionary and what I did and stuff. They unfortunately weren't too interested in all the stuff about the church, but it was still a fun little chat, and who knows! Maybe next time they see missionaries they will stop them or be more open if they get stopped by missionaries. But I was just a little bit stoked about that... way fun.
We had another trek out into the middle of nowhere again! I love those haha. That's one thing I will miss about Silkeborg. It was to visit a lady we had contacted on the street. We went out and she was way excited to see us and let us in. She was way cool and it was a way cool lesson. About 3 sentences in to the conversation she dropped this bombshell "min datter var kørt ned" (literally translated: my daughter was driven down aka. hit by a car) and we definitely weren't expecting her to say that! It was while we were taking off our coats and we were all just kinda like "uhhhhh..." because it was so unexpected and random, but she continued on to tell us the whole story, so we had time to kinda gather ourselves and listen after getting over that little initial shock. Her daughter got hit and was supposed to die. She was in a coma for 14 days and the doctors told this lady, the mom, to start getting the funeral ready. But then something changed, they aren't sure what, and the daughter made a full recovery and now she is completely fine and is back to normal! She told us how she didn't believe in God before, but she definitely does now. So it was a cool lesson, talking about all of that and telling her about the church, and we have a return appointment to go back tomorrow and tell her more! So that was really exciting! and I'm stoked that I will get to meet with her one more time before I get transferred. That's always a plus.
Well, Hope you all had a great week! ...And that you are making some crazy preparations to go all out this Sunday!! GO BRONCOS!!! I will be wearing my blue and orange tie all day and probably all night as a sleep. As well as my Broncos pajamas. I'll be giving my support as much as I can but make sure to cheer as loud as you can for me!! Really. Like go nuts. Every play. And when they win... yeah. Go crazy! SO STOKED!!! GO BRONCOS!!!!! Have a great week everyone! Love you and miss you!!
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Monday, January 6, 2014


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Sent: Monday, January 6, 2014 3:28:01 AM
Subject: GODT NYT ÅR!!

Happy 2014!!! Crazy right? New Year's here was absolutely insane. I miss America and all... but man Denmark absolutely destroys the states when it comes to New Year's. I thought it would just be a little more crazy... but it was nuts. We got to stay out until 1 in the morning with members and watch the fireworks... and I have never seen anything like it in my life. It was unbelievable. I took video that I will send back so you can see, but here are a couple of pictures. This was with the shutter open for just a couple seconds:
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And this was in the suburbs. You could kinda see the centrum downtown and it was just a white ball of fireworks. You'll have to wait to see the videos, you can kinda see it on there. But yeah, the whole sky was just filled in every direction with fireworks. Pretty impressive.
So after jumping into 2014 (literally, that's how they do it here. its a big thing) We had the most amazing week of my mission so far. We found 18 new investigators... For us that's huge! It was incredible. Families, couples, young people, just all of these fun, way cool, super solid people! It was amazing! We are beyond excited for the work in this area right now. So it was an awesome week, and this week is going to be just as busy meeting with all of them again and trying to contact a few people that we didn't get to this week because it was so crazy. So things are going really well in Silkeborg! I love it. If my faith needed a boost, this week sure gave it one. "Greenie fire" doesn't even have anything on our excitement after this week haha.
So it was an amazing week! I really look forward to this year. It's crazy to think that it will be a whole year on a mission in Denmark. But then again, with how fast 2013 went, who knows how fast this year will go! I'm really excited and looking forward to every second of it. It is the year 14 after all. That's a good number :) Have a great week everyone! I love you and miss you all! Happy 2014!

P.S. Don't forget to tell my bro Preston happy B-Day! He turns 9 on Sunday! Love you Preston!