Monday, June 3, 2013



Man it is hot here! I'm so grateful we have a truck with AC! This was a fun week!  We were able to teach a lot of people. We are teaching a family named the Baker's and we committed them to be baptized on the 22nd of June!! It was awesome! We have barely even had to teach them. They were totally prepared. The family a single mom with 8 ( and only 1 is old enough to be baptized) kids, and they are way fun! The mom, Rhonda, is very religious and she has some personal religious beliefs that matched up pretty well with our church, so she is accepting it really well. They have a son named Jacob. He is 7 and turns 8 in October. He was really sad when we told him he would have to wait until he was 8 to be baptized.  Jacob and I are pretty tight and he is hilarious. He always runs up and talks to us and prays for us (the other day he prayed that we would be able to help him find a new bike), and invites us to come swimming with him and stuff. Hopefully I am still here when they all get baptized! It would be sad to leave before that. I love getting to know all of our investigators and working with them. All of our investigators are doing pretty good. We have a couple that could be baptized tomorrow if they could just quit smoking, so we are working with them on that and it seems like they are making good progress! We started teaching this other lady, Michelle, this week too. She said she had prayed about our church and that she got an answer that it was true, but it kinda freaked her out she is trying  to run from it. Sometimes I hate agency. But Michelle is opening up quite a bit and is getting more comfortable with everything, so we think we will be able to get her to church this week and set a date. Fingers crossed! Things get pretty crazy since I am with the zone leaders, so we are usually pretty busy, but it makes the time go by really fast! I get to call the other Danish missionaries during language studies, so I'm still able to study Danish and it sounds like visas are starting to come through, so I could be leaving soon! But if I have to stay for a while, that's ok. There is a great mission culture here and I really like it and am having a lot of fun and learning lots, even if its a little toasty! Well, have a good week everyone! 

Jeg elsker jer! 


sorry for the lack of pictures, one of these days i will remember to bring my camera!