Monday, November 25, 2013


A letter to Paul who asked for stories for a lesson

K I have a little bit of time to write some stories about our branch.
They have been amazing! They have been the perfect branch for missionaries. Before we came, they got our apartment all ready for us and left treats, and made sure that the second we came we felt welcome, and when it comes to missionary work they have been great. 
Right off the bat we got referrals from the members of people we could visit. They were excited about the work and always asking how things were going and looking for opportunities to help. You should have seen them the first time that we brought an investigator to church! I think you can remember the story about Frederick and Steven. As soon as sacrament was over, they ran up and introduced themselves and were just perfect as to how to welcome someone to church. My favorite part is how they treat the investigators. We have never once had to suggest to them to invite someone to their house, to a branch activity, or anything really. They just take the initiative! With Frederick and Steven that first day, for example, they brought up our branch activity to himmelbjerg and had rides offered to them before it had even crossed our minds. The branch is small, but they definitely pull their weight! It's great serving in Silkeborg because it doesn't feel like we are just missionaries assigned to a branch, but like we are a part of the branch. We don't have to call and make assignments or say we need help with missionary work, but instead its just like the missionary work is a part of the branch. They ask about it, offer their help, they know all of our investigators and ask how they are doing, and it's just really cool to see that branch work that way! And it makes us feel really good knowing that they talk to investigators and be their friends without any promptings from us, because then our investigators feel welcome and start to open up to the church when they see that people really do love and care and serve, and that its not just all by assignment. it's like our stake theme (at home. Crescent Ridge -  By love, Not by assignment!)  There's not really enough people to just make assignments or delegate. they see a need and they take care of it, and they love doing it! Pretty cool to see. Hopefully I don't get transferred haha! 
They were great with Knud, but I feel like you can't tell those stories because it kinda had a bad ending.

I'll try and get you more specifics next week (if you can still use them in your talk) just let me know if there is a specific topic you want stories on and i will get them for you! Love ya! good luck



Well it was a good week! We had our little thanksgiving activity with our zone this week! Well, it wasn't little I guess. It was way fun! We had a turkey bowl in the morning and our district took home the trophy for that!  It was so fun. Then we had a big thanksgiving dinner that was cooked by these members that had a restaurant and it was way good! It was weird not being with family, but it was fun just eating it with a bunch of missionaries and we had a really good time! After we had a little training and then a talent show! So It was a good Thanksgiving activity!
I don't really have any more cool stories this week... It was a good week though! We had a lot of appointments and were able to meet with a lot of investigators, and we also found a couple new people to teach, so all in all it was a pretty good week!
We get to go down to Copenhagen tomorrow for my language test for my visa extension. Hopefully I pass! Have a great week! I love you all!!

Don't forget to tell my Dad Happy Birthday!!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Well, It was another great week! Last night was Mortens Aften in Denmark, which is pretty much a holiday so they can eat! And it was awesome! Our whole branch got together last night and had a big feast and then a massive dessert and it was the best! The main food was duck, and it was way good!! I don't know what they do to the ducks here but they are amazing. After the feast, we did a musical spiritual thought with our guitar and sang a bunch of primary songs with the branch. This branch that I am in is seriously the best. There aren't very many of them, but they are great! The church means a lot to them and they are all really close and are pretty much like one big family and I love being a part of it!
I don't have too many stories this week. It was one of those blur weeks again. Our investigators are all doing really good and we were able to meet with almost all of them this week which was way cool! So things are going great!
Hope all is going good at home! Sorry my last couple of emails have been kinda lame. I'll try and get some good stories for next week. Have a great week everyone! I love you and miss you all!

Here is part of the food!  

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