Monday, May 26, 2014



How was everyone's week? Hopefully you remembered to wish my sister a Happy Birthday :) Looks like she had a great day! 

So our area got even better this week. Why? Because we are working with a less active who is a HUGE NFL fan. And he is a Dane! Crazy right? He played for Slagelse's American football team for like 10 years and is just huge into football. But it gets better. Guess who his favorite team is? None other than the Denver Broncos! :)  I was so stoked to hear that! We went over on Tuesday to visit him and it was just a blast. We talked about the Broncos and football and I showed him pictures that I have from broncos games that I have been to and it was just great! We had a super good time with him, and we all clicked way well. I have missed talking football haha :) After sharing a spiritual thought he pulled out this board game that he is trying to get out into the market. It was an american football board game and it was dope! Had a football field on the board, and then based off getting answers to trivia questions about the NFL and rolling dice that would determine how many yards you got on each play. And you could go for bigger plays with bigger questions and stuff. It was way sweet and I want it way bad! So one of these preparation days in the future we are going to try and go over and play it with him :) Which will be super fun!! Who would have thought all that fantasy football research would have come in handy on my mission? But that definitely made my week to meet a Broncos fan in Denmark. Oh, and he gave us an american football! life is great. 

We found a way sick church this week: 

It was in a city called Kalundborg. Sorry I cant figure out how to rotate it around... woops. But It was way cool. Built in the 1300's and it was surrounded by all these old Danish houses and a wall!! It felt like stepping back into time. I love when things like that happen! I love being in Denmark, and this spring has been amazing. Great weather and everything is just so pretty! Again, life is great. crazy side note though: the sun comes up at 4:30 now. and its only going to keep coming up earlier! 

It was another pretty crazy week full of splits, so we weren't in our area too much. The work here is a lot different than all the other areas that I have been in. We have a lot of new converts and less actives that we have been working with, so we spend most of our time with them. Not too many investigators. We still have a couple of positive people and have been finding some great people lately, but most of the work is done with those less actives and recent converts, which has actually been a pretty cool experience! Yesterday, one of our new converts, Tommy Kristiansen, received the priesthood! It was really neat. It was given to him by his brother, Finn, who is also a recent convert, and that was so fun to see Finn give him the priesthood and a blessing. We have been working with the Kristiansens a ton and they are getting their temple recommends this week and we will be trying to go to the temple with them as soon as they get them! So that is really exciting for us and great to see :)

Well, I hope all is going great at home! I love you all and miss you all! Have a great week and get ready for summer!!!


Here is a pic from our district activity. One of the sisters got fruit roll ups in a package :) great stuff

Monday, May 19, 2014



How was everyone's week? This week here in Slagelse was sweet! So much fun! Super crazy... We went on splits twice, had a ton of service projects, and got to go into Copenhagen! So lots happened :) I'll try and give a good report

Funny story of the week: I was on splits with Æ. Redd, an Elder from my MTC group, and we were just out contacting in the morning, having a good time. We walked past an old folk's home and this lady came running out and was like "Hey, have you seen an old, blond lady walking around? She probably looks way confused." We told her that we hadn't  but that we'd keep our eyes out. Haha we laughed at it a bit and told funny stories about older people and continued walking towards our church. And there was a funny surprise waiting for us there! A very confused old blond lady haha :) We found her! She was crawling along the outside of the church knocking on windows and saying "Hello?" haha because she thought it was the old folks home. So we went up and asked her if she needed help. We told her we could take her to the old folks home, so she grabbed our hands and we walked her back haha :) So we helped rescue an old lady! kinda funny. Especially since we had been joking about finding her. Didn't think we actually would! But she was way sweet and nice and it was fun walking her back. 

The highlight of the week was definitely Wednesday. We had an MTC reunion! President called our whole MTC group into Copenhagen for a special training and temple trip :) and holy cow it was a blast. It was so fun to see everyone and it was just like the MTC had never even ended.  ​They got us all into one room and it just picked up right where it ended at the MTC, all the jokes and funny stories. It was super fun. They got us Dominos Pizza!!! It was so good! I didn't know they had it here and it tasted exactly the same :) So great! 
Haha Just like the good old days, Me and Æ. Metcalf :) It was a ton of fun catching up with him. In the MTC, we used to go and get temple food after going to the temple (any break from MTC food was amazing ha), so after the temple trip after our training Æ. Metcalf and I went down into the temple's cafeteria (just a small room with a couple of tables and a microwave) and enjoyed a couple of sandwiches together in honor of all the good times :) It was such a blast being there with everyone and telling stories about all the things that happened, so that was definitely the highlight of the week. We got to see the new temple film finally too!! I know, I'm a little late, but it was awesome! Just a great day. 

And the rest of the week after that was service!! It was pretty great. The weather was nice and we got to go outside and help out with a bunch of different projects. I got a little bit of sun so I'm finally not pure white anymore! Still pretty darn white, but at least its not as bad! and I found a newt. Or salimander... I'm not sure what the difference is...  

So it was a good week!! All is going well and I am still having a great time in my new area. The work is going great, we are busy and having a really good time. Hopefully it is going just as good for you all back home! Hope you have a great week :) love you and miss you all! Don't miss em!!


Monday, May 12, 2014



How was everyone's Mothers Days?? Hopefully great! Mine sure was! I had a great time skyping home yesterday :) It was a blast!! Way fun to see everyone and hear all the fun things going on. Sounds like things are going pretty darn great!

So, Report on the week. I'll try and remember. Yesterday was definitely the highlight. We had a good week though I don't have a lot of stories.  Yeah can't really think of any. We did a lot of service again! That was great. I think that will be the story for a while here in Slagelse. Which is great! It is by far the best way to find people to teach and we have seen a ton of good things come from it. We have a couple more appointments for service this week with friends of members and less actives and we are hoping that they turn into some good things! They will :) 

Well, I kinda don't have a ton to write about this week. I guess I got it all out yesterday haha. But this will be a good week coming up, so look for some good stories next week. We have some good service appointments and I get to travel into Copenhagen to go to the temple with my MTC group! So that will be really fun to see all of them again and catch up. Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!! And a great week! I love you and miss you all! 


Here are some neat churches we found this week

Monday, May 5, 2014



Well, this e-mail is pretty much going to be an echo of the last e-mail. Slagelse is still awesome! I had such a fun week. Spring is in full swing here and everything is just so pretty! I didn't really realize what I was missing when I was in Tåstrup. I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but Tåstrup was a tad on the ghetto side, so there was lots of concrete and metal and apartment buildings. But Slagelse is exactly the opposite! We get to see the Danish spring in full swing and it is incredible. Everything is so green! And yellow! 
haha I'll probably have at least one of these yellow fields of flowers pictures in each of my emails for the next couple of weeks. They are just too incredible. As we drive places I pretty much have my camera out the whole time taking pictures, spring here is just so pretty! 

So the story of the week this week was service! It was great! We have been offering service like crazy and it payed off big time this week. We had did service every day except for one and it was great!.Super fun and it was great to be outside. And we saw some sweet things come from it! We did service with this Brazilian lady named Rosane and after the service were able to sit down and have a little lesson with her, and she ended up coming to church yesterday! Service. It's great. Especially here in the spring. It's super effective in finding people and getting referrals, and it's a lot of fun at the same time! So I definitely can't complain. Looks like it will keep up this week as well so that should be really fun! 

So we are working with this new convert family, and they have a way sweet story. They went on vacation to Utah for 3 months earlier this year and ran into the church. Long story short: They ended up getting taught and baptized by the missionaries in Utah! Loved the church and had great experiences, and got baptized right away! And then came back to Denmark at the end of their vacation and showed up in church here as new members haha. Their name is the Kristiansens and they are a blast! So much fun! We are teaching them the new member lessons and doing a lot of service as they are in the process of moving. Pretty crazy though eh? Go on vacation, come back baptized! Awesome though. The missionaries in Utah actually brought a RM from Denmark with to go and teach them. Pretty fun. 

Well, hope all is going well at home and that everyone is looking forward to Mother's Day!! I sure am. Skype!! What a wonderful thing :) But until then, I love you all and miss you all! Have a great week!!


​Would you just look at that skrook!