Monday, March 16, 2015

3.16.15 A Poem

Subject: A poem

There once left a boy on a mission.
He knew lots of fun he'd be missin'
but he gave up his dreams
for more heavenly things
cuz he knew that for men he'd be fishin'.

Black pants and white shirts he'd be wearing,
the Lord's name on his chest he'd be bearing.
A book in his hand,
''Jeg ved den er sand''*
were the words he'd be constantly sharing.

MTC days were long and quite boring,
but with Metcalf he never was snoring.
They had lots of fun,
but when it was done,
for their visas they were left imploring.

In the beginning he felt unsteady,
His Danish for sure wasn't ready.
But his plans were unravled 
and to Cali he traveled,
In Fresno his back would get sweaty.

In the desert he preached about Jesus,
But hoped that it wouldn't always be thus.
He patiently waited,
and boy was elated,
When his prayer was answered with visas.

The plane ride over was long,
but his greenie fire was strong.
In Denmark he landed, 
heard Danish, felt stranded,
But He knew it was where he belonged

A small city was where he would start. 
VDB** would show him his part.
He would find out his pace
Silkeborg was the place
A spot, it would always have in his heart. 

10 members were all that were there
but that was not a burden to bear
a family they were
felt safe and secure
since their specialty was showing you care.

The work started slow at first, 
but then it all came in a burst.
His trainer moved away
Elder Nelson was... OK
to be honest, it wasn't the worst. 

Training sometimes wasn't a breeze
Although there was work enough to please. 
It wasn't all bad, 
but boy was he glad,
when Durrant would turn 2s into 3s.

The winter was dark and cold
but Christmas some warmth would hold
He ate lots of food
then went home and poo'ed
In a toilet that started to mold***

Trees were replaced with cement,
for it was off to Tåstrup he went.
The hood was diverse
(Keep your hands on your purse!)
It was as ghetto as 50 Cent.

Elder Ockey became a good friend,
our personalities were a good blend
a packed 5 weeks 
they met some sihks
And their neighbors parties wouldn't end. 

Elder Ockey left on his way,
Elder Read showed up the same day.
Bashful and shy,
but still a great guy,
However, the lord would not have it stay. 

Slagelse in spring was so pretty.
To get a car he was a bit giddy.
Elders Hansen and Earl,
His life took a twirl,
Getting sent home was quite... Sad. 

He came back from the dead,
and after all was said,
he'd be with Swan,
in Århus respawn,
The last streats he ever would tread.

The last 6 months cruised by. 
The work was as sweet as pie.
Picture perfect ending,
many people befriending,
With Zenger he finally would die. 

It's funny who he came to be 
all the memories, good times, and glee.
At the end of the track,
it's fun to look back
and see that that he-- is me :)

See you next week. Love ya!


* ''Jeg ved den er sand''= ''I know its true'' in Danish
**VDB= VanDenBerghe. My trainer :)
***Sorry for the crudeness... but anyone that has lived in a missionary apartment knows what i'm talking about. And I needed a rhyme ha :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015



A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Pictures are for sure the way to go with this week :)

We went to an art museum!! ARoS. Elder Metcalf, my MTC companion, came with us too. Pretty much the only reason we went was because there is this rainbow ring on top of the building that lets you look out over the city. But we were surprised! The rest of the museum was actually pretty sweet! It was a modern art museum, and everything there was more of an exhibit than just weird paintings. A ton of optical illusions, which were pretty fun. The rainbow at the top still was the highlight though! 

It was a fun week! A busy one too. We had a couple of splits, as well as our zone training. President came out and taught with us as well! That was awesome. He was a great teacher and it was fun having him with, having him answer questions for investigators. 

Everything is going well! Just trying to take everything in and enjoy it :) I couldn't have asked for a better place to end my mission, things here are great! Hope you are all having a good time as well! Love you!

-Aeldste Ludlow

Sunday, March 1, 2015

3.1.15 3 Weeks to Go!


Sorry I have failed the last couple of weeks at sending a good email out... But I made a goal to write a good one today! Get some good stories in :) 

It was a good week to set that goal too, because we did something way new this week! We taught a lesson over skype! Ha, Skype chat!! 
Not that it was a new program or on i pads or anything... We have an investigator (well, i guess not an investigator. We found out after our little skype chat that he was actually baptized when he was 8 :), that  he lives super far away and we can't get to him very often, so we got permission to skype him instead. He said that was ok... but what he didn't tell us was that he didn't have a webcam or anyway to talk, and that he just wanted to chat haha. So we did! It was actually pretty sweet... It was nice because when we asked questions he had to answer. And we could us lds.orgat the same time to get quotes and stuff to use in the 'lesson'. It was pretty fun and went well! We are probably going to do it again :) I can see why the church is switching to more of that kind of missionary work!

The work is still going super well here. We have been busy and running around all over the city. Especially this week. We were in Copenhagen for a meeting and we had stake conference, which was pretty sweet. They rented out a huge theater (because the stake center here in Århus isn't big enough) in the city. It was pretty fun, definitely the fanciest stake conference I have ever been to! The seats were all soft and comfortable and they even took our jackets and hung them up for us :) I got to see all of the people from Silkeborg again, which is always fun too. 

We also found out how much gum we could fit in our mouths at once... 6 packs (with 10 pieces each) and a whole pack of bubble tape! It was quite a bit...

It was a good week :) This area is a ton of fun. All is going great! I wouldn't have it any other way for the last little bit of my mission. Hope you all are doing well! Love you and miss you! 


Monday, February 23, 2015

2.23.15 Really!?!?!

sorry for the lack of another weekly... don't hate me! I promise I love you all and miss you all and I'll make it up to you somehow!

Monday, February 9, 2015

2.09.15 6 weeks to go!


I'm staying in Århus! With Elder Zenger :) We are stoked. Friday was a great day. So... yeah! This will be my last area, and Elder Zenger will be my last companion. Crazy. It will be a really fun transfer. We are excited. We were kinda expecting one of us to transfer, but we both wanted to stay, so we were way happy when we found out that we would get our wish! 

The week was really good. We finally got to work in our area for a whole week which was a relief! We had a zone training so we took a little bit of time to get that all set up but we were able to work the rest of the time here. 

haha dangit! I'm only like 8 sentences in to my email and I'm already choking... I'm sorry my emails have been lacking so much info lately! I guess I am just getting really bad at writing emails. I promise, Things really are going great here. We are having a ton of success and it has been a blast. What everyone says about how the last little bit of your mission you get in a little rhythm and it blows by is 100% true. I love it. 

Hope you all are having a great life! I love you and miss you!


Denmark. Its great. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015



Sorry for missing last week. We kinda had a crazy P-day and didn't get a ton of emailing time. 

Things are still going great! The work is rolling and we are having a really good time. Funny story of the week: We taught a lady with short term memory loss. Ha. She was way nice, but didn't get a word of what we said. We would teach something, and then after we taught it she would be like 'wait, what church do you come from?' and then we would tell her who we were. And then she would be like 'oh. And what did you want to talk about?' Ha she did that like 4 times... So we just gave her a Book of Mormon. We went to go and leave and she tried to give the book back, and we were like  'its a gift for you' and then she smiled and said 'mange tak!' many thanks. Then she asked a question about the book and we answered it, and then went to leave again, and she tried to give the book back. We again told her that it was a gift. She responded in the same way. "Mange Tak." Also with the same question about the book hahaha, And that cycle continued for a bit. It was pretty funny, and eventually we were able to wrap it up and leave. Super nice lady though. 

We'll find out in a week if I will stay in Århus for my last transfer. I have my fingers crossed :) It is a pretty fun place. I really have enjoyed it here. The ward isn't super big even though it is Denmark's second biggest city, and I have gotten to know them pretty well. Ha, there is this one old lady, Eva (she is like Yoda in woman form), who invited all four of us elders over for dinner the other night. It was a great dinner, we had a great time. But for desert she made a grød (I don't know what that is in English) out of prunes............... It destroyed us. Our poor toilet that night... haha made for a great story though :) I love it here. 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you and miss you! 


On splits with Æ. Mogensen, one of the other elders we live with here in Århus