Monday, May 26, 2014



How was everyone's week? Hopefully you remembered to wish my sister a Happy Birthday :) Looks like she had a great day! 

So our area got even better this week. Why? Because we are working with a less active who is a HUGE NFL fan. And he is a Dane! Crazy right? He played for Slagelse's American football team for like 10 years and is just huge into football. But it gets better. Guess who his favorite team is? None other than the Denver Broncos! :)  I was so stoked to hear that! We went over on Tuesday to visit him and it was just a blast. We talked about the Broncos and football and I showed him pictures that I have from broncos games that I have been to and it was just great! We had a super good time with him, and we all clicked way well. I have missed talking football haha :) After sharing a spiritual thought he pulled out this board game that he is trying to get out into the market. It was an american football board game and it was dope! Had a football field on the board, and then based off getting answers to trivia questions about the NFL and rolling dice that would determine how many yards you got on each play. And you could go for bigger plays with bigger questions and stuff. It was way sweet and I want it way bad! So one of these preparation days in the future we are going to try and go over and play it with him :) Which will be super fun!! Who would have thought all that fantasy football research would have come in handy on my mission? But that definitely made my week to meet a Broncos fan in Denmark. Oh, and he gave us an american football! life is great. 

We found a way sick church this week: 

It was in a city called Kalundborg. Sorry I cant figure out how to rotate it around... woops. But It was way cool. Built in the 1300's and it was surrounded by all these old Danish houses and a wall!! It felt like stepping back into time. I love when things like that happen! I love being in Denmark, and this spring has been amazing. Great weather and everything is just so pretty! Again, life is great. crazy side note though: the sun comes up at 4:30 now. and its only going to keep coming up earlier! 

It was another pretty crazy week full of splits, so we weren't in our area too much. The work here is a lot different than all the other areas that I have been in. We have a lot of new converts and less actives that we have been working with, so we spend most of our time with them. Not too many investigators. We still have a couple of positive people and have been finding some great people lately, but most of the work is done with those less actives and recent converts, which has actually been a pretty cool experience! Yesterday, one of our new converts, Tommy Kristiansen, received the priesthood! It was really neat. It was given to him by his brother, Finn, who is also a recent convert, and that was so fun to see Finn give him the priesthood and a blessing. We have been working with the Kristiansens a ton and they are getting their temple recommends this week and we will be trying to go to the temple with them as soon as they get them! So that is really exciting for us and great to see :)

Well, I hope all is going great at home! I love you all and miss you all! Have a great week and get ready for summer!!!


Here is a pic from our district activity. One of the sisters got fruit roll ups in a package :) great stuff

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