Monday, June 2, 2014



So is anyone else kinda confused that it is June? Because I sure am. But hey, it's going to be a great month! 

So, guess who I got to teach this week! Familien Hansen!!! It was great! We went back to Tåstrup on splits with my old companion Æ. Read and I made sure that we made an appointment with them :) They are doing so good! It was fun to see them again! And it was such a fun lesson. We caught up on how they were doing, and it sounds like things are going great! They have been to church the last 3 weeks in a row and are loving all that they are getting. They are really starting to understand it and take it in. They have come a way long way and are SO close to being baptized. It's all been layed out on the table and they know they need to do it, they just need to make that jump, get married, and get in the font! They talk about it pretty openly. saying things like "so when I get baptized..." or "when I'm a member.." It's a good sign when you hear things like that! So I was pretty straight forward with them and joked around with them about how they will be great members haha :) Because they will be! And they will be soon. I tried to commit them to a new date, but they were a little hesitant so instead I comitted them to think it over and come to the next lesson with a date that they can work towards. Which they agreed to :) So that will be great to hear when that is and hopefully it's soon so I can go to it while I'm still close to Tåstrup! Ha- I joked about that too. I love teaching that family. It was so much fun to be back and teaching them. They really are moving forward and it is great to see! So there is the Familien Hansen update. All is going great with them! 

Look who we ran into on the streets!
Hahaha we saw these two walking down the sidewalk so we stopped them and said Hi. They are Jehova's Witness missionaries :) We had a funny conversation with them, about what it was like to be a missionary in Denmark and how people receive their message and stuff like that. It was pretty funny. I think they were a little confused when we contacted them... they were chill and fun to talk to but you could tell in the back of their heads they were like "what the heck?!" Ha! and wondering why we were contacting them. But we had a good time and got a pic :) Them with the watchtower and us with the Book of Mormon! We thought it was kinda funny. 

Things are going well in the area. This upcoming week will be sweet! Familien Kristiansen got their temple recommends yesterday and we will be taking them to the temple on Saturday! So that will be super exciting and I'm really looking forward to that :) So all is going well! We found a Carl's Jr. here in one of the malls and having been hitting that up every time we are in the area, I don't know if life can get too much better. That is some good stuff! 

Well, Hope all is going great with everyone!! Enjoy the last week of school! Or summer if you are already out! exciting stuff. And have a Great Father's Day all you Dads! I love you and miss you all! 


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