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This week was great!! I think I say that about all my weeks, but its because they all are pretty darn great :) 

I don't know if you all remember a while back when I sent home pictures and stories about a Danish holiday where the tradition used to be that they would put a black cat in a barrel and then beat it until the barrel broke? (Nowadays they just put candy in the barrels, don't worry) Well, this week was the second half of that holiday, where we burn a witch, the cats owner!! It's called Sankt Hans and it was on the summer solstice. The tradition is to burn a witch in order to get rid of all of the evil that comes with the solstice when demons and things can run free. So here was our witch:
​Pretty, eh? And here is the fire :) She didn't last too long...
​We had a big ward party at the Kristiansens and they definitely went all out with the witch burning. This fire got pretty darn big! It was way fun :) It's always fun to be a part of these danish traditions and holidays. I liked this one a lot :) Who couldn't like it when there is fire involved? We roasted marshmellows too :) So that was definitely a fun night.

Look who I found this week!!
​Sister Wright! In Denmark! Haha we finally met up! The Sisters here in Slagelse had a baptism this weekend and Sister Wright's companion had been one of the missionaries that taught her so they came back for the baptism, so we finally got to catch up and say HI to each other here in Denmark! Pretty funny. 

The work is going great here! We have been seeing a ton of great things come from our work with less actives. A couple of the people that we have been working with are regularly coming to church now and getting callings and we are so happy for them! And we had a way great week finding people so hopefully I will have some good stories soon about some Investigators. Also, Æ. Hansen will be going home here in 2 weeks so we have been using that to get appointments with all the different people that we have worked with. So it should be a pretty fun and busy week. 

Haha one more Danish tradition :) It was also graduation this week. I guess in Denmark what you do after you graduate is you go and hop in the back of a big truck like this:
 and drive around town shouting and singing, blazing music, and honking horns :) It was funny to see and looked like a pretty fun tradition. I guess they drive these trucks to everyone's houses and at each house they get some treats and celebrate a little and then drive to the next house and just do it all day long! While driving to all the different houses they are in the backs of these trucks singing and dancing haha :) So these were all over town this weekend. It was pretty funny. 

I hope everything is going great back home and that summer is living up to its hype! Have a great 4th of July and celebrate America proudly :) We will be doing our part here in Denmark don't worry. Got all the flags and American songs at the ready :) It is a great country, can't beat it! I love you and miss you all!! Don't miss 'em. 


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