Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello Hello!

So, I don't really have a lot to write this week, but I thought I would at least check in and send a couple pictures or something :)

It is still way pretty here. If I don't say that enough haha...
​But it makes it way fun to be outside and working. Just adds that extra little energy boost :) 

It was a way good week. We had an investigator, Rasmus, in church! Hahaha --just not ours, he went to a different ward in Roskilde. But at least he still went! He is kinda funny. We think that he did that because he is trying to play mind games with us. He doesn't want to let us win, but he wants to come to church, so he just went to the Roskilde ward haha. But it sounds like he had a good time there and we have an appointment set up with him for this week so we'll see how it goes! 

Here's a pic for you
​When a Dane turns 30 and they aren't married yet they have a funny tradition. Their friends make things out of oil drums and then leave it on their porch :) This was the best one I have ever seen! Usually it is just a tower of oil drums, but this one was a car! Way legit. So I took a pic. There is a little bit of Danish culture for you haha :) Super funny I love them :) 

But anyways, hope you all had a great Father's Day and a great week! And I hope it continues. I love you and miss you all!! 


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