Monday, June 23, 2014



We went to the temple! With the Kristiansens :)
​They are so great. It was a way fun day. They picked us up in the morning and we drove to the temple. We got there a little earlier so we got to walk around and talk for a bit before going in. And it was great once we went in! They did baptisms and confirmations and had a really good time :) They have great testimonies and it was way fun to be in the temple with them. And they are looking forward to going back later in the year when they can get sealed :) They are going to go back to Salt Lake and be sealed in the temple there. So that was also great to see that they still have their sights set on that and are looking forward to it :) and man they are so much fun :) We went to the Taco shop after (I miss mexican food!) and then when we got back in the car they were like 'we are taking you somewhere!' haha and didn't tell us where. So we just sat there and enjoyed the ride wondering where we were going. But they took us to a way sweet place! At the airport haha! (probably to taunt Æ. Hansen a little bit :)) It was a way sweet little ice cream shop right on the runway where you could sit and eat ice cream and watch planes take off. So that was super fun. It was just a great day!

We knocked into a high guy yesterday too :) Here he is drawing a picture for Æ. Hansen
Haha when we told he we couldn't stay and talk he was like 'oh thats ok! i'll just walk with you!' and he walked us to his car. Showed us his nice big belly tattoo and his basketball skills. It was super funny. Had some good chats walking to the car and he did give us his number so we can try and get ahold of him hopefully when he is not so high ha :) But it was a little sad when we got to the car and had to explain to him that we can't give rides to people in our mission car, so he would have to walk back alone. He was a little sad about that. But that was our funny story for the week :) 

Haha we have been repping these little US flags all week in honor of the U.S. in the world cup :)
​I have never been a huge soccer fan, but it is pretty fun being over here in Europe for a world cup. The U.S. gets brought up alot more lately and people talk trash on our team, which we definitely wont have, so we have been making sure that the U.S. is getting its support over here in Denmark! Hopefully it pays off :) It would be way fun to see them move on! And definitely blow all the people over here away. So go USA!! 

Things are going good here! I still having a way good time. We had a good week, were able to find some people and had a guy that we had only met with very briefly at a door come to church! He is this old architect named Peter and he talks SUPER quiet. But he is way nice and we are hoping to get something going with him. Our meetings have been going really good with less actives lately and we had 3 of them come to church yesterday as well! So all around things are going really good here :) And it should be a fun week ahead of us too. Today is Sankt Hans, the witch burning holiday, so we'll be burning a witch tonight!! I'll make sure to take pics.

Well, hope you all have a great week! Keep enjoying the summer! even if it snows (for those of you in Utah) haha :) I love you and miss you all! 


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