Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello family and friends!  So here is Conner's latest e-mail- a little late.  He hasn't said anything in his e-mails but he has been pretty sick lately.  He is having a problem with swelling - everywhere.  So he went to a Dr. in Denmark (socialized medicine - ugh - it's slow) and his liver enzymes and hemoglobin levels are concerning.  So they have sent him to a specialist.  As of now, that's all we know.  It has been a month now that he has been sick, but he keeps working and isn't letting it stop the work, even though he is very tired most of the time.  We would appreciate any prayers in his and his Dr.'s behalves to help us figure this out soon and get him better!  We will be having another family fast after we find out more info this week, I will invite you all then! Thanks for your love and concern.  Love you all!  Crysi

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America is the best. We had a super fun 4th of July. Represented the states well. Here is how we arrived to zone training:
​It was a fun day. Had zone training, and then after we had a zone lunch where everyone brought their favorite American deserts and we all just pigged out on American sweets :) And the Kristiansens had us over for a 4th of Juli party later that night and they went all out. It was so good!! BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, chips, classic 4th of Juli BBQ. We brought the football and tossed that around with them and then roasted some marshmallows :) So it was a great day! F spending it in Denmark :) Bummer we lost in the world cup though. 

I had the coolest contact of my mission this week too. It was so much fun. And it was very fitting for the week of the 4th of July! We were in a town called Sorø and all of these old, classic cars were all over town. I guess there was some sort of car show/car club get together. So as you can imagine I was in heaven :) We were walking back to our car and we walked past this beautiful blue 69 Mustang and a 69 Firebird. They were so pretty. In  good shape and just looked great and there was a group of guys standing by them talking. So you know how I am with old cars, so I couldn't resist! We went over and started talking to them and the conversation took off. I asked them a ton of questions about the cars and they opened them up and let me look inside and see the engine and all the parts and all that and it was so cool. They even fired up the Firebird so I could hear her :) I was just flying by that point. In heaven. And then the conversation shifted to the church and why we were here in Denmark. We started talking with one of the guys (the one who owned the Firebird :)) about the church and what we do as missionaries and we asked if we could come to his house and meet with him and he was excited to do that! So we got his address and are going over there on Wednesday! I'm kinda excited :) oh, and I got a pic with them :) My car bros in Denmark. 
​Ignore the beer. The guy we are meeting with is the one in the passenger seat. He is paralyzed but has a neat outlook on life and a sweet story! I'll make sure to keep you updated on how it goes with him :) 

This will be my last week with Æ. Hansen. He is going home a week from today! Crazy. It has been a fun couple of transfers. We'll find out who I'm getting as a new companion today and then next week I'll let you know who it is! Whoever it is, He'll be fun so I'm stoked. It will be a great week! Things are going really well here :) Thanks for all the prayers and fasting everyone! I really appreciate it :) I hope that you all have a great week! I love you and miss you! 


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