Monday, July 14, 2014


Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 8:34:37 AM
Subject: I got a new comp and ate lots of ice cream :)


How is it going with everyone? Guess what! I got a new companion! His name is Æ. Earl! I don't know too much about him yet, so I'll have to get back to you with all that, but so far he is looking  fun! We had a bit of a crazy transfer this morning but all is well and we are back in Slagelse :) It should be a great transfer. 

So I noticed on the email that my mom sent out last week to everyone that one of the lines said 'F spending it in Denmark'... haha- that sounds way bad. it was supposed to say Fun. Not F. And it said fun when I sent the email home but I think my [beautiful, bright and super amazing] Mom goes through and edits all my emails (I must have bad grammar and stuff haha :))(and she is an English major, so its probably a good thing) and the un in fun must have got deleted. So that's why it said that. I promise I didn't say f spending it in denmark.

So... Ice cream in Denmark deserves a little shout out. You get it from these little candy shops that are everywhere and it is great! The soft serve is super creamy, way more yummy,cheap, has huge portions and they just make it fun! they have this stuff called guf that they put on top which is like a thicker whipped cream type stuff but its sugary and not creamy... if that makes any sense. but its way good. Here's a picture of me with my favorite combo 
And haha!  Sprinkles on the lip for the win. It has 2 scoops of like normal flavored ice cream (my fav is a licorice/rasberry sorbet combo) and then soft serve on top with guf and sprinkles. So good! We ate a lot of ice cream this week (maybe that explains the swelling...) with it being Æ. Hansens last week so I had to include something about ice cream in the e-mail haha. 

We met with the car contact guy from last week! It went so good! He was legit. He took a Book of Mormon and was actually open to learning more about the church! He was super fun to talk to and the lesson went really well so hopefully we see that happen again and get some good things going! We had a pretty good week. Found a couple new investigators and we are excited for them. The investigator side of the work here is starting to get rolling again and the less active work is still going great so this transfer is promising. We have quite a few appointments and we'll try and use my new comp to get a couple more so it should be a busy week! I can't complain :) I really love Slagelse. I'm having a great time and am excited to be here for another transfer. And hopefully I stay another one after this transfer too :) 

I hope all is going good with everyone! Thanks for all the prayers and support :) Don't listen to my mom though haha I feel good and am out working and having a blast! I just look like a balloon sometimes when I wake up :) But everything is going great and I have no complaints. Hope you all have a great week! I love you and miss you all!


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