Monday, July 21, 2014



So last week I promised some info on my new comp. Here we are: 

We got to wear these sweet painting suits so we didn't get paint on our clothes at service on Wednesday. It is going to be a fun companionship. We have a ton in common... Like guess where his mom comes from, Canada! And guess where his dad comes from! Reno, NV! crazy right? We thought that one was nuts. He is from South Jordan and also went to BYU for a little bit before his mission. We work pretty much the same and have our sights set high and it is going to be a way fun transfer! 

We had a good week! For some reason I am hitting a  big mental block though and can't think of a thing we did... I know that it was a good week though! We introduced Elder Earl to members and investigators and had some good lessons and some good times and all went well. Haha We went to a Danish Church baptismal party! for one of our investigators daughters. It turned out way good! our investigator, martin, had some family members that had run into the church before and they were all going to be at that party, so when we got the invite we took him up on it! And it turned out way good! We ended up having some good conversations with people about the church and have a couple potential people that we can visit now from it! And on top of that it helped out a ton with our relationship with Martin and his wife, who we hadn't met too much, and they invited us over again tomorrow! So that was way fun. and now I can say I went to another church's baptismal party :) 

All is going well. I am really looking forward to this transfer. It is going to be a good one. Thanks for all the prayers and everything! You are all the best :) Love you and miss you! have a great week!


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