Monday, January 12, 2015



HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!! Its my brother's b-day so everyone be sure to give him a call and congratulate him on reaching double digits :) Love you Preston! 

So, last week I mentioned how I still write 2014 in my journal entries... well, I went to go write in my journal last night and discovered that hasn't changed haha. Still writing 2014. fail.

We made a road trip this week! An elder in our zone has a bad knee and so the mission was going to give him a car while he waits for it to get better, but the car was in Copenhagen. Luckily, we were in Copenhagen for a meeting, so instead of taking the train back we got to drive the car all the way back to him! 4 hours! It was great :) Ha, except for when we started driving and realized that the car didn't have a map or GPS and we were in the middle of Copenhagen... I just drove west until eventually we hit a freeway and then it was smooth sailing from there. We were pretty proud though. That was definitely the highlight of the week. 

We had a good week. Things are going well with our investigators and we are staying busy. It has been really warm lately, just SUPER windy. But I won't complain. Its not freezing so all is well :) 

Hope all is going well for you all! Love you and miss you!


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