Monday, January 5, 2015


Hej allesammen! 

So uhhh.... how is 2015? It's always crazy when you realize that a year has gone by. I still write 2014 on all my journal entries on accident. I guess my brain is just having an extra hard time this year figuring out that its 2015. 

Last year I talked about how crazy new years was in Silkeborg... But man, Århus was nuts. Like, I have never seen anything like it in my whole life (even with Silkeborg last year). I tried to take pictures... But it really doesn't do it justice.
Luckily I took a ton of video :) so when I get home I will have to it to all of you. There were fireworks like this for 40 minutes though... crazy. 

Things are going good with Æ. Zenger. It was a really fun week. We work pretty similar and have same goals so it is clicking really well! I really like Århus and wouldn't mind if this was my last area. Ha, we'll see :) 

Sorry, I don't really have a ton of good stories this week. Ældste Zenger got hugged by a SUPER drunk guy haha, that was funny. 

Hope that you all came good into the new year (I know that sounds horrible... its the translation of what all the danes say about new years) Have a great week! Elsker jer! 


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