Monday, March 10, 2014


Would you just look at this:Inline image 1
I'm not quite sure what that white thing is... but I think its the sun. Today is going to be a good day.
So... Tåstrup is sick. I love it. This week was way fun and just cruised by. It is definitely a different place than Silkeborg. I can kinda give some more updates on it now that I roamed around it for a week. The apartments complexes are HUGE. I was impressed by the ones in Silkeborg, but these ones just put them to shame.
Inline image 2
They keep going!! There was one complex that we were at earlier this week that was so big and spread out that they used shapes in the address. it had the street name, a shape, and then the number. Not confusing or hard to navigate at all... haha but it is way fun. The ward here is sweet! Back to 3 hour church. And lots of people to meet. We have a legit church building and youth and the whole thing. So that is pretty cool!
So the sun is shining today. Its amazing. Its been long enough that I cant remember exactly when the last time we had a sunny day was. We are in a pretty good mood right now! Today is going to be a blast. Æ. Metcalf is coming in to copenhagen becuase his companion is taking his language test for his visa, so we are meeting them in Copenhagen in a couple hours and are going to go roam around with them and chill there for the day! In the sunshine!!! And then they are coming back with us and staying the night at our apartment, so it should be a really fun day.
All is going well here. I'm getting the hang of the area I think. Æ. Ockey is way chill and we had a really fun time this week. It will be a good transfer for sure! Hope that you all had a great week and are having a ton of fun! I love you all and miss you!
-ConnerInline image 3

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