Monday, March 17, 2014


THANKS TO YOU ALL!  The birthday letters were a hit!  So thanks for making his day a happy one.  He said his companion (who holds the "most letters" status in the mission) was even blown away!  So thank you for your love and support of this cute kiddo!  Love you all!  Crysi

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So... You are all the greatest. Seriously! Thank you so much everyone for all the letters and notes wishing me a happy birthday! I was super impressed. I got a ton of letters every day the whole week, and it was just fantastic! And they were all so great and fun and I loved every single one of them :) Really, I hope you all know how much that totally made my week, every little letter, they were all amazing, so thank you so much!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing family and awesome friends!
My birthday was great! It was so fun! We went to a buffet for lunch :) and holy cow I ate so much. I just walked in and went nuts. Cuz it was my Birthday! So I ate 7 plates... and they weren't very small plates either... I took pictures to document how much I ate.


 I can't get them all into this email, but I'll send out another one with all the pictures. So I ate a ton. the buffet definitely lost money on me. And I used the 1 hour lunch time that we had down to the second. And kept it all down.....................  until about an hour later when I realized I had ate that whole thing without water. I was super thirsty. So I chugged a liter of water... which looking back now probably wasn't too smart. Because there wasn't room for a liter of water. So I may have lost a little bit of that. But I still kept alot of it down and I'm still full. It was so fun :) Made for a great story and definitely glad we went to the buffet. The rest of the day went well also- had a good little lesson with a funny investigator and people were actually pretty open when we talked to them on the street and knocking! Must have known it was my B-day. Actually, people have been super talkitive lately, not just on my birthday. It has been great!
News: Familien Hansen came to church!!!!!!!!!!! Well, just the Mom and Dad, but they came! And liked it! Then invited us over for another appointment without us even asking!! How great is that?! Things are going really well with them and we are loving it. Hopefully they are too. My new companion, Aeldste Read is a good guy! I like him a lot and we will have a great time here.
So IDK if you all remember Bente from Silkeborg, I talked about her a lot. I told the story about when she got her temple recommend. Anyways, she went through the temple this week! And I got to go with!! Her sister called me and gave me all the details, and wanted me to keep it a surprise that I was coming. So on Saturday we went to the temple and surprised her there and it was great!!

It was incredible. She was so happy to be there and that was so neat to see. We were able to go watch her be sealed to her parents that have passed away, and that was incredible! She was so happy. Everyone was. I love her testimony of the church. It means so much to her and you could tell she was just excited to be in the temple.  It was a great experience and it was so fun to be there and be a part of it. Man- Silkeborg's branch is great. It was so fun to see them all again (most of them were there too, and it was even better that it was a surprise when I showed up). So that was great! It was definitely an amazing week :)
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!! I really can't convey how great it was getting all those letters from everyone, It was so much fun! I was all smiles the whole week because of them. So thank you everyone :) I'm a lucky kid!! I hope you all had just as great of a week as I did, and I hope that it continues for all of you! I love you and miss you!!

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