Monday, March 10, 2014


Well, next time I email I will be 20... that's a weird thought! But my last full week of teenagerdom was pretty darn good!
It started off great, With an AMAZING pulled pork sandwich.
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America. I know I talk a lot about Danish food in my emails.  But man, It just can't be compared to America. It just feels so great. I have become so patriotic on my mission, being away from the states. We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen with a couple other elders and it was a blast! American things, the sounds and smells of grilling, English, and best of all: FREE WATER. I definitely left with my head held high proud to be an American.
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Quick update on the family that we are teaching: They are great! So sick. They are Danes too! (I think I forgot to mention that). We had a lesson with them on Thursday and went even better than the first. They are super open and actually talk about all the stuff with us. The spirit was crazy strong the whole time, they agreed with it all again, and in the end they asked for more books so they could give them to their siblings. So it could get even better!! We are loving it. It's totally different teaching a family, especially when families are talked about so much in our church and in the lessons. The spirit just rushes in instantly and it is awesome. So we are stoked. Going back on Thursday. hopefully their reading went well!
Well, Elder Ockey is gone :( Off to Horsens. He left this morning. Which means I got a new comp! Æ. Read!
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He is from the same group as Æ. Ockey and Æ. Durrant, who came into the land at the same time as Æ. Nelson. All of my last 4 comps came in at the same time. kinda funny. Oh and guess what! I'm taller than him!! haha Sorry i just had to mention it - I'm kinda excited. This is only the second time this has happened. And his birthday is on the 13th! So we'll be having a good little party. It was sad to see Æ. Ockey go though. I had a really good time with him. We got work done too, it was just a great transfer. But I'm excited for this one and hoping that the fun I had with Æ. Ockey just keeps going!
Well, Have a great week everyone! I love you and miss you!! Keep being so great :)
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