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OK - so I'm sure how I feel about my son being brought into a back room "little India," made me a little nervous.....but I guess it all goes with the experience.  Glad he's happy and working so hard that he loses the well as missing a lot of trains!  Love you all!  Thanks for your love and support of Conner!


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So I say that a lot of weeks go by fast... but this week went by fast. Most weeks the fast is just when you look back and realize that quite a bit of time has gone by, but this week literally flew. I have no idea where that time even went. Well, I kinda have an idea. It was an awesome week. We taught some lessons, donned some turbans as we were sang to by an Indian Sikh priest, and I almost caught a rabbit! Crazy right? The rabbit was running really fast too. Oh well. Next time maybe.
Ok, so I can't really skip over the story of the Sikh priest. It's too good. On splits last week Æ. Ockey contacted a guy who said we could come talk to him. He is from India and was totally dressed up in the Indian garb, turban and all. He told Æ. Ockey he could teach him how to fly, so naturally we had to go back. We made an appointment with him, and he remembered it and invited us in. It started out great. He explained how he came from India, talked about how he liked Denmark, and then the conversation started drifting to religion. We got talking about the bible and about his religion (we had no idea what he was at this point), And so he says: "I can show you the book I believe in!" so we said ok, but he just kinda sat there and smiled... so we said "yeah, can we see that?" Still no response, just sat there and smiled. Then after a short pause, he points to his turban and says "you'll need one of these." Æ. Ockey and I just looked at each other and tried to hold in our smiles as he got up and went and grabbed a couple of orange rags. He walked over to us and carefully started wrapping our heads in these turbans. So he does that, and we had no idea what to think, it was just way too great. We sat there thinking he would bring out the book now that we were looking the part. But no, it was way better than him just bringing out a book. He waves his arms and motions for us to follow him. So we walk behind him as he leads us to a little room in the back of his house. He opened the door and told us to go in, so we did, and it was like we walked into little India. There were pots with scents of spices and India, exotic rugs on the floor, pictures of Indian buildings and guys with turbans on the wall, and then in the middle there was this little mini "tenty-temple" looking thing. He told us to make this Indian peace sign by touching our foreheads and nodding towards the temple thing, and then had us sit down on one of the rugs to the side of it. He took his place at the head of the little temple, breathes in... and begins to sing an Indian song. He grabbed a little stick with some decorations on the end and started waving that around as he was singing, and was really just belting out this Indian song. After a minute or so the song kinda slowed and he reached into the tent thing and uncovered this MASSIVE book, all written in Indian. Punjabi, I think. And he began to read, also in Indian, and also in song. We just kinda sat there, not really knowing what to do, and a little afraid that we would offend the religion in some way, so we just waited until he stopped. He then covered the book and took us out of the room and then we started to talk about religion again. Still in the turbans of course :) Turns out he is a Sikh priest, but he had never heard of our church before and was actually pretty interested. He didn't believe in Christ, but liked his teachings, and when we told him about the Book of Mormon he was super interested and requested one in Punjabi! (hopefully they make one in it... we have to special order it) So we get to go back and give that to him and hopefully teach him again!! Oh, and just in case you were wondering... Yes, we snagged a picture:

Pretty great, eh? So that was our crazy experience of the week. Super funny.
We found a castle this week too!!
Inline image 4
How crazy is that?! It was unreal! And we really did just find it. We had just finished a service project in a tiny little town and missed our train by like 2 minutes, and it was another hour til the next one came. We saw on a little sign that there was a castle close by, so we thought we would give it a try as we waited for the train. We were in our P-day clothes so we couldn't really knock, and had some extra time saved up from a preparation day that we had to end early so we thought we would use that preparation day time on this. And it was totally worth it!! It was called Ledreborg Slot, and I guess technically it's "JUST a summer home", but it was incredible. It felt like walking into a fairy tale. The gardens were amazing, It was all old, and it just felt super unreal the whole time. So it was a good find. Crazy part is: people still live there! Wouldn't mind that...
Ha ha one last story. Man this week was funny. For all you Lion King lovers: our downstairs neighbors had a birthday party on Friday and it was nuts. They were going the whole night. No joke. It was going when we got home on Friday and they were still playing music when we did studies on Saturday morning. But at around 2:30 (keep in mind they are TOTALLY wasted by this point) they started playing the LION KING soundtrack. Haha!  I don't know if anyone has heard Lion King being played at a big party with a bunch of drunk people, but its pretty funny! Just shouting "Oh I just can't wait to be king!" at the top of their lungs and not necessarily at the right note haha... so that was funny. It was pretty good with "can you feel the love tonight" too. But that party made for a little bit of a lack of sleep for us so it was a very tired weekend. But a fun weekend, so no complaints.
Well, I've written a novel of an e-mail now, but I hope you all had just as great of a week! Hope all is going well and that everyone is having fun. I love you and miss  you all!! Have a great week!
-Aeldste Ludlow


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