Monday, February 17, 2014


Well... I've forgotten how to play baskeball. And I'm not too happy about it. I was on splits on Saturday in a city called Holbæk. We were on our way in for dinner and I heard the rare sound of a basketball bouncing, so I turned around to see a guy beginning to play ball at this little basketball court outdoors in a park. So I stopped just like any good American would and walked over to him and asked if he needed someone to play against. And he sayed "yes!" So I was super pumped. I took the ball in my hands and started dribbling and man it felt great. I looked at the hoop, stopped dribbling, picked up the ball, and shot... just to watch the ball fall about two feet short of the hoop. It wasn't even close. I don't know what happened. But it was not good. Luckily though, after a few minutes of shooting around it came back, no worries. But it was quite the scare. And it turned out to be a way good game! Because the guy ended up being super religious, and after playing for a couple minutes and breaking the ice, he totally opened up and told us about his religious background and how much he loves the bible and Christ. He was really interested in what we do as missionaries and thought that it was sick that we go around like we do, so he gave us his address so we could come and tell him more about it! Gosh I love basketball. Haha Danes sure are funny to watch play it. Their lay-ups are a little strong... like they shoot it overhand and the ball just goes flying off the backboard because they do it so strong. Good times :)
But yeah,  It was a sick week! We had a really good time. It was sunny almost all week!! And there are flowers starting to come up! Hopefully it is a sign that the winter is starting to die down... fingers crossed.
We went to go visit this investigator in Solrød Strand who is super positive, just way busy. And we thought that we would bake her cookies because we knew it would totally make her day. We were a little limited on supplies but finally found a recipe we could make. We got it from the other Elders in Holbæk, and it looked a little fishy.... called for a TON of oil. but we thought, "ok why not" and just went for it. Well... our assumption about the oil was right... it was a lot of oil.
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But we cooked them anyways and they turned out alright. They were good... just super oily. So we didn't eat alot of them cuz it was kinda gross. We still brought them to the investigator, but brought along some chocolate too haha because the cookies weren't super great. But hey!  It's the thought that counts, right? It was a really good little trip. She was super happy to see us and we talked for a good amount of time and she said she would try and make some time that she could have us over for dinner! So that is a great sign and hopefully she gets the time...
I saw the ocean finally! 
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 It was great :) and I saw a truck. Like a full size pick up. Don't see those at all in Denmark so that was crazy. So It was a great week! Oh, and I drove! on splits. Holbæk has a car. So I made sure that I got to drive. And It was amazing! I drove from Rinsted to Holbæk, and it was on this little country one lane road in the middle of nowhere with all these curves and rolling hills... It was so great.
So yeah, It was a great week! I'm really liking Tåstrup. I hope all is going great with everyone and that you all had a great Valentine's day! Have another great week! I love you and miss you all!
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Another name tag pic. They are kinda fun
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