Monday, February 3, 2014


Conner finally let us know that he did have 2 scheduled baptisms leaving Silkeborg and they both are very committed.  The baptisms are March 8th but he will most likely not be able to go since it is so far away!  Details kiddo!  Any tips on how to squeeze out some details from this cute Elder, I would appreciate it!  Love his letters though and am so grateful he is such a hard worker!  He definitely labored while in Silkeborg and was blessed!  Love you all and thanks for supporting Conner!  Crysi

Well... I'm in Tåstrup!! I transferred this morning and am in a new area! It's a city in greaterish Copenhagen and it is going to be sick. Exact opposite of Silkeborg haha. Big city, and we are serving in the biggest ward in Denmark. Apparently it's like a utah ward! crazy right? And I think their church has a basketball hoop in it... not sure. I haven't been yet since I just transferred this morning (crazy transfer by the way, Æ. Nelson transferred too and getting all of our bags plus his bike on the train was nuts... some of Æ. Nelsons bags didn't make it. But it's ok, we got them. I think. He had to go back to get them with some other elders and I had to keep going on to Tåstrup). But yeah, Its going to be a really fun transfer. My new companion is Æ. Ockey from Nephi, UT, (lived in the house about half way up Nephi canyon with the campground) and it's going to be a super fun companionship. It was weird leaving Silkeborg, but I was there for the perfect amount of time to leave. Long enough that I didn't feel bad about leaving, and not too long that i was sick of it. As I was giving Æ. Durrant the low down on the area getting ready to leave, we made a map of all the places that I had knocked...
Inline image 2
Got pretty good cover of Silkeborg in my time there! It was a great area and I had a ton of fun. Wouldn't have it any other way!! So it was good. And all the members are going to come say hi to me when they come to Copenhagen to go to the temple :) so that will be fun.
It was a great last week in Silkeborg. Crazy busy, but really fun. We went to Copenhagen on Wednesday so that Æ. Nelson and Durrant could take their language tests for their visas, and I was able to drop off my bike in Tåstrup so it made for an easier transfer for me. And we ate Mexican food!! Inline image 3
I know it sounds sketch, Mexican in Denmark, but it was surprisingly good. Like amazing. Idk if it was just because I haven't had Mexican food in six months. But it was incredible. The owner was from mexico and he liked missionaries (they must go there a lot haha) so he gave us a discount. That was a plus too. Way fun being in a restaurant like that again. So that was a fun little trip.
Other than that, It was work, visiting people before I left. We had a ton of eating appointments and got to say bye to all the members. I got a picture with the whole branch. (yep, this is the whole branch. only a couple people missing. The best!)
Inline image 4
Most of our time was just running to appointments with investigators and trying to get ahold of investigators that I wanted to visit before I left. So it was pretty busy, we were definitely rushed around pretty good. But it was really fun and a great way to end my time in Silkeborg.
Well, Hopefully everyone is looking forward to a great week and not too bummed about yesterday. Know that I am feeling it with you :( but hey, its all good. Have a great week!! I love you all and miss you all!!

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