Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5.7.13 Week 4

13 days left!!! crazy right? I can't believe I have already been here for a month. Time is really starting to go fast now. We will find out our travel plans on Thursday!!! Hopefully my visa comes... the people from the last group still haven't gotten theirs. But if we have to get reassigned that's ok! There's a reason for everything so whatever happens it'll be great.
This was a fun week. I'm not sure if it's because we have been at the MTC for a while now and our brains are starting to go to mush, but it seemed like every little thing was funny this week. For devotional on Sunday Chad Lewis (tight end for the Eagles) came and talked to us. He is a stud. I have never heard a talk like his before haha. He pretty much talked to us like it was right before a football game, and it was super funny. But it definitely got his point across! He gave us a pep talk for our missions, so it was really fun and it definitely worked.
I can't wait to get to Denmark! This week in TRC, which is where we teach volunteers that come to the MTC (in Dansk). They are usually members or RM's from Denmark, but this time Metcalf and I taught a Danish foreign exchange student who wasn't a member! It was cool! The lesson we had prepared was for a member, because that's what we thought we would have, so we kinda had to change it up on the spot. We didn't even know if we could get the point across in danish, but we just went for it. Turns out that we had met her before. She had come on a tour of the MTC and came up to talk to us because we were the Danish missionaries. Haha, we had her teach us some Danish slang, which she thought was hilarious. So we brought this up in our lesson to break the ice and it worked really well! We shared a quick little scripture on prayer and why it is important that we pray, and I think it went really well! It was fun to teach for reals, where we had to make sure that we were explaining things completely and bringing the spirit, because she wasn't a member and so far we had just taught members. But the spirit was there so strong and she responded great and was answering questions. So yeah! Pretty fun! Things like that just make me really excited to get out into the field.
Other than that it was a pretty routine week! We had an "english fast" on Saturday, and it was crazy how well we could actually communicate in danish! So things are going well! Well, Next time I email I will probably know if I'm going to Denmark soon or not!
Jeg elsker jer!


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