Friday, May 17, 2013

5.17.13 Extra news!

So we had a surprise last night when the phone rang and it was Conner!  Words can not say how awesome it was to hear his voice!  Sweet Hannah broke into tears!  He was not being disobedient though, he was calling to tell us that their visas did not come.  So he is being temporarily reassigned to the Fresno, CA mission.  Which is exciting for him because the mission president is the guy Forever Strong (a movie Conner LOVED) is about AND it also includes Modesto, which is where Paul's Dad's family is from.  A few o' our Ludlows in Modesto still.  If you haven't seen the movie, come over and we will all watch it tonight in Conner's honor!  Anyway, he will leave the MTC and his beloved companion, Elder Metcalf, on Wednesday.

I'm also including a letter from Elder Metcalf's Mom, who I've been talking to a little as we swap pictures.  Actually, she is the one sending them to me, I don't have any to share for her so I just send her son junk food.  Conner has never been into pictures.  Thought it would be great to get some insight since Conner is a man of few words....

Love you all and thanks for your love and support!  Please keep praying for his visa to come!  It could be 6 to 12 weeks!  


From Elder Metcalf's Mom:


So great to hear from you! Yes, I have lots of pics, I'll send them from my computer when I get home later tonight.

Max loves Elder Ludlow! He tells us that your son is the most fantastic missionary in the MTC and he lucked out! I think they're working hard & having a blast! Max has fun at whatever he does, he's the life of the party. 

I'm not sure on the visas but we've been praying they come so our missionaries can leave on Monday. I'm also praying for the group of Danish missionaries before them who are waiting in Tennessee for visas. 

I wondered where Max got the cool stationary?! He's used it to write little notes to our kids and me. You're so nice!

You may have heard, but our family has had a tough tragedy since Max left. Three weeks ago his uncle committed suicide. We immediately flew to Phoenix to try to console his wife & get his body moved home. Max was especially close to his uncle Matt because they were golf buddies. We got permission from the MTC president for Max's grandpa to go to Provo & tell him in person. It was shocking and sad for Max! Which is why we're especially grateful that Max was blessed with such a strong and kind MTC companion! Max says they'll be friends long after the mission. Thanks for raising such an outstanding son!  

With love,
Metcalf's Mom

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