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How was the week? I hope you all had great weeks. We sure did! 

Slagelse is so great. It's the first place where I'm really getting to know people and become friends. I didn't know enough Danish to really get to that level in Silkeborg, even though I still was close to the people, and in Taastrup I just wasn't there for very long. But here I am getting to know people and becoming tight friends with all of them and it is a blast. And all the people here are so fun! Our Bishop's son is going on a mission next month, and we go out to teach with him a ton, like almost whole days sometimes, and so that's awesome. The work is going really well here and it's all coming together to make things crazy fun :) 

I got to go back to Taastrup again this week!! I was with Æ. Christensen from my MTC group. We went and visited all of the people that I taught there and it was so great. Went to the taastrup buffet again too. Met with the Hansens! They are still doing so good. They are pretty much members. Its kinda funny. They are all the way there. Minus the smoking. They don't want to give it up. They want to do it someday, and they want to be baptized, but they are just kinda procrastinating with the smoking. So they just need to take that step... They'll get there soon. We also met with my old investigator David. (IDK if i ever talked about him much...) And we set a baptismal date with him! For the 1st of November! So that was super fun that I was able to be there when he set a date. 'Twas a fun day. Taastup :) 

We had a great day on Saturday! I'd like to think .......Whoa, live update!  Happening right now! Crazy story. One of our investigators just showed up at the church-right now! Sander. He's 19 and we just barely met him on Thursday. He's so excited and loves all the stuff we told him about. He thought church was today and he had run here to make it on time - he thought. I feel bad haha! But we still made it worth the trip. We talked with him for a bit and gave him a tour of the church. And showed him the baptismal font... He told us he wants to be baptized!!! So we set a date with him right there!!! How sick is that?? This kid is amazing. He wants to turn his life around and is sincere and ah, best preparation day ever. So yeah. There is your live update haha. 

But, to continue - haha I'd like to think our good day on Saturday was because of Mom's birthday :) We did some service and then we met with Sander, (the guy who just showed up at the church haha). We had knocked into him real quick on Thursday, it was the only door we knocked, and he said we could come back. So we did! And it went amazing. As  I said, he is so sincere and wants to find a new life. He had been in a pretty scary place in his life, but he's trying hard to turn around, and he told us that the church sounds like just what he needs! So we watched the new Mormon Message with him (called The Hope of God's Light. If you haven't watched it you need to because its amazing!) It was pretty much a mirror of the situation he was in. The spirit was so strong the whole time and it was just an awesome experience. And he just showed up at church! So he felt the Spirit too. It was a way neat experience and we are excited for him.  So then we had cereal Saturday :) 
At the Kosterkirke is sorø. Good times :) We met with another investigator and some less actives too so it was just a great day! Which I was glad for. If I wasn't going to be spending my Mom's birthday with my Mom, it had better be a great day! Happy Birthday Mom :) 

So yeah, It was a great week. I know I say that every week, but it really was. I cannot complain at all. I'm one blessed kid. I hope that you are all doing well! I hope you know that you are all in my prayers and that I think of you all the time! I love you and miss you!

Don't miss 'em,


Oh, and we ate fufu :) African food. It was way good! Super filling though- Holy Cow. 
landscape pictures because my face looks like a balloon and I'm embarassed haha :) 

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