Monday, August 11, 2014



I'm sorry. I have been horrible about writing lately... Emailing has just been super crazy so I haven't been able to get a good email out. But I'll try this week!! 

It was a dope week. This transfer has just been way too much fun. Me and Elder Earl are having a really good time in Slagelse. We have some way fun companionship traditions. Like Cereal Saturdays :) Every Saturday so far this transfer we have been going up to this city called Kalundborg, and its to far away to drive back for dinner, so we started eating dinner up there. Which can get pricey. So a couple Saturdays back we decided to bring some bowls and just buy some cereal and milk for dinner. Cheap and easy. And  then we drove to the beach and at it on the beach.
 And after the first time doing it we decided it needed to become a tradition. So, cereal Saturdays were established :) 

Like I said, It was a way fun week. It was an Alta week! I went on splits with Æ. Cameron Walch and Æ. Andy Gifford, who both went to Alta! It was way fun. So we were down in Nykøbing Falster and in Copenhagen for a couple days this week. And in Roskilde for zone training. So we were kinda all over the place, only in our area for about half the week. But we made the best of it. the work is going way well in our area. We have been super busy and it is keeping up pretty well! We met with Søren, the guy we met in Sorø who had the Firebird, and we brought Finn Kristiansen with (the dad of the Kristiansens, who I talk about way too much. they are like our family here in Slagelse) and get this: they had met each other before! They had both been tow truck drivers and had met through work. So that was sweet! It was a fun lesson and went really well so we were stoked about that. Speaking of the Kristiansens, we went over there last night for dinner and all the youth from the ward were over too and they were out racing their cars in the field next to the Kristiansens house (they are so fun haha). But one of the cars shot out some sparks and aought the field on fire! So we had to grab buckets of water and try and put it out. luckily the farmer was outside with his tractor and saw it and was just able to come by and plow it over and it put it out  quick. But it was pretty exciting for a second. 

All is going well here! Having way too much fun. It's crazy to think that it is already August... Hope everyone is having a great end to their summers and making the time count! Thanks again for all the prayers :) You are all the best! I am feeling good and am having a great time, and can really feel all the love and support from back home so thank you so much! I love you all and miss you all! 


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