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Well, I'm in Slagelse!! I am so stoked for this area it's not even funny. My email last week was a little rushed so I didn't really get to tell about the area. It is going to be a blast. I can't even begin to describe how good of a deal I got. I'll start with my comp. His name is Æ. Hardy-Hansen and he will be going home in July, so I could be his last comp. He is from Indiana and is super fun. Loves to play basketball, so we'll be ballin' it up a ton this transfer :) Slagelse is going to be the perfect area to spend summer in too. It is absolutely beautiful! Its a little bit of an older town and is really fun to be in. We have a pretty big area, the actual city of Slagelse isn't too big, so we cover a bunch of other towns and a good chunk of Sjælland... so guess what that means! A car!! So I'll be spending the Danish spring and summer driving around the Danish countryside on small little windy roads :) Not too bad, eh? So I definitely got a good deal!! 

Tåstrup sure ended with a bang though. Holy cow. It was a great week. To start, We went to Tivoli, this old theme park which actually inspired Disneyland in the middle of Copenhagen, for district activity. 
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It was a blast! It was a little rainy at the start, but the weather shaped up and we had a great time. It had some fun rides and it is a pretty magical little place. It did inspire Disneyland after all! They had a ride like the Rocket at lagoon where it shoots you up and you could see all of Copenhagen and Sweden off in the distance. Just a really neat experience!! 

It was definitely bittersweet leaving Tåstrup though. I really had a good time there and although it doesn't have all the perks of Slagelse, the investigators there were awesome. We had one last meeting with Familien Hansen yesterday so I could say goodbye to them. And had a little lesson which went amazing. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and the spirit was super strong the whole time. And they definitely felt it! Pointed it out in fact. So we were able to talk to them about that and made a ton of progress from that lesson. They are great and I will miss teaching them, Æ. Read will take good care of them and I will get to go back on splits and teach them pretty often so that helps. But they are doing really good hopefully they keep having those spiritual experience! I'll try and include updates on them every once in a while as I hear about them. 

Denmark is absolutely beautiful right now. It is breathtaking sometimes. Like these fields of yellow flowers :)
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This is just a little on from Tåstrup, but now that I'm out in the countryside I'm sure that I will be sending a lot more pictures like this one. We spend a ton of time out in the countryside and it couldn't be a better time of the year to be in an area like that! These fields are everywhere. They are sooooo pretty. In full bloom and they smell amazing! So I hope you are ready for lots of good pictures of Denmark, because I have a feeling my camera is going to be put to pretty good use here in the next couple of months. Haha really, this area is going to be so much fun. I will have to give you an update on the work next week, because I just barely got here today, But it has been going great in Slagelse in the past couple of months so I am excited to be here! 

Well, Hope you all are doing great! I love you and miss you all! Have an amazing week!!

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