Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hej Everyone! Happy tuesday!!
Sorry I didn't email yesterday. Don't worry, I'm still alive! For some reason Denmark shuts down around Easter. It was really weird... We walked out of our apartment on Thursday and everyone was just gone. No one out. And all the shops were closed. Grocery stores and all. The only things open were the Muslim bazaars haha. I guess Easter vacation is taken very serious here! Thursday and Friday are also considered part of Easter so everything was closed. Same story with yesterday. So that's why I didn't email!
It was a great Easter! We had a super sweet lesson with some Camaroonians that totally made the day. Can't complain :) Hopefully everyone had just as good of a day back home! Make sure to send pictures from Eastering!
It was a crazy week. Holy cow I have a lot to update on! Super fun. So, to start: we went into Copenhagen on Monday so Æ. Read could get his Biometrics done for his visa, and we found another castle!
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Ha it just amazes me that you can be walking down the street and turn a corner and run into something like this. Crazy. It was right next to the Biometrics place so we had to make a little pit stop :) Way sweet.
We had a crazy lesson with Familien Hansen this week too. It started off by them telling us it wasn't going to work haha. Not the way you want it to start off! But we kept talking and found out they really didn't have that testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. So we backtracked and talked about that and explained how they can get that testimony. And it actually went super well! It was a lesson I had wanted to have with them just  not under those circumstances, but it went really well! I feel like they understand the purpose of all of our invitations a lot more and that we will start to see a lot more progress with them now that they will really be searching for that testimony, not just checking out the church. Shows how important the Book of Mormon is! That keystone analogy is definitely true. It really is that keystone! So hopefully they have good experiences reading and are able to get answers to their prayers.
The craziest day of the week though was yesterday... We got a call from president first thing in the morning... I'M MOVING!!!!!!! TO SLAGELSE!!!! and I totally wasn't expecting that. Like at all. It hit me like a brick. So this will be my last week in Taastrup! I'll be moving on Monday and my new companion will be Æ. Hardy-Hansen and It is going to be a blest. Slagelse is on the west side of Sjælland (the island Copenhagen is on) and is a way sweet area. It's bittersweet though, I will miss Taastrup a ton. I have had a blast here and didn't expect to be moving so soon. But yeah, that's the news of the week for me! Crazy right?
Well, Hope everyone is doing good. I love you all and miss you all. Hope you had a great Easter and have great weeks to look forward to :) Don't miss em!
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We got a grilled dinner last nast night... Brazillian BBQ! Oh how I have missed grills!!
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