Monday, April 14, 2014


Sorry everyone for the lack of an email last week... Hopefully this one makes up for it. It was a good week so I have stories!!!
To start, I passed my 1 year mark! Crazy right? There are 2 sisters from my MTC group in our district as well, so after District meeting we had a little district lunch. Mexican Buffet!! Haha Mexican in Denmark was a little interesting. It was more Spanishy than Mexican I think. But they had Tacos!!
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That's all that matters :) So we stuck some candles in them and blew them out to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. And then I ate 10 of them. Plus 2 massive plates of nachos. And like 6 things of chips and salsa. And a burrito. And 3 slices of bread. And about 40 of these desert tortillas that were heavenly. It was easily the most I have ever eaten in my life. Without a doubt. So that was really fun :) And delicious.  
Storytime: We were in a town called Ishøj on Wednesday to stop by a couple of investigators. We were strolling down a path on our way to visit a guy named Hans who had had contact with missionaries a couple years back. While on our way to his house, we were stopped by this happy old man, who said "Hey! Are you the Mormons?!' We smiled and said yeah, and he went on to tell us that his name was Hans Hjellingholt, the exact same man that we were on our way to visit! He was excited to see us and told us to come with him to this place. So we went. Haha We walked with him for a couple minutes until we came to this place with a bunch of shacks. We walked into the first shack, and it looked just like the inside of a DI. Hans then told us that everything inside was free! I guess it was a charity place that operates a lot like the DI, except it is all the way free! There wasn't really anything we could use, so we just kinda walked and talked with Hans... until we came to the book section. Hans was like oh, this is the best part! and started showing us all the books. And man, we found some sweet stuff. I found an old pocket size bible, perfect for missionary work, Harry Potters, Eragon, some classic danish comics, cook books, a danish synonym (spelling?)book, all in danish! And Hans just shoved them in a bag and told me to take them. So I didn't argue haha. It was a sweet deal!! But it gets better. Hans was like 'hey, you know, why don't you come back to my house for some soda!' Jo Tak. So we walked back to his house with him and were able to sit down with him and his wife and talk. Hahaha This couple was hilarious I wish you could all meet them! Super happy and fun and friendly. Hans was hilarious. Here is a picture to illustrate: This pretty much sums him up. This was from when he showed us his study and all the things he had collected :) He let us try the hat on too, I'll attach that picture later :)
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 Eventually we sat down over some flødeboller and chips and had a great lesson with them.  They had been to the temple open house and loved it, and asked what our church was about, which we were more than happy to explain. We went through the first lesson with them and it was one of the most fun first lessons I have had on my mission. They were very interested and curious and asked lots of questions, but those questions didn't draw away from the first lesson and It went really smooth. And the whole time they were just super happy and upbeat and engaged. We explained the Book of Mormon and they happily took one as well as a chapter that we thought they would like to read! It was a really fun lesson and Æ. Read and I are super excited to go back and teach them again. So that was the story of the week. Hans Hjellingholt. Haha he's a great man!
Things are going great in our area right now. We are loving life! Familien Hansen is doing good. We went with Danny, the son, to a young single adult activity and it went great! We had to leave to get home at 9, but he stayed until 2 in the morning with the youth from the ward! So we were really pumped about that. They are reading and doing all the things we ask and it is super fun to teach them. We're starting to go over the commandments so hopefully all continues to go well! So far it has been.
Well, hope you all have a great week!! Have fun at Eastering!! Eat some of my mom's Oreos for me. I think I usually eat about 20 of them so someone will have to pick up my load while I'm away :) Sugar cookies as well :) And I'd like to give a shout out to my Grandma Humpherys who is turning 90!! Happy birthday! Hope you have a super fun birthday party!  Hope you all have a fantastic Easter as well! It's a great time of the year, one of my favorites. I Love you all and miss you! Thanks for being so great!!
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