Monday, December 9, 2013


So it was a good week. We knocked [doors] a flipping  ton. Which I kinda like. not going to lie. I think it's just cuz I love speaking danish and knocking puts it to use pretty good! Just trying to get Nelson as excited about it haha :) But it's going good, he's almost done with training and I think he's starting to get the hang of it now! 

Its gonna get cold here, holy cow! But it'll be fun. It looks so pretty when it's all frosted over and it's getting dark too. Sun goes down at 3 now. I guess we are almost to the worse, dark wise at least! Dang!  [Snowmobling] looks sick!! Way jealous! I just tried to ride my bike like a snowmobile on Friday to make up for missing the ride!  haha. Sounds like you got a good tree too!  

So I bore my testimony yesterday too!! and taught the lesson after... and blessed the sacrament... and prayed.... haha.   I love our branch. It's a crazy experience. There is only one other priesthood holder other than us missionaries so we get a lot of practice :) But yes I would love to share a bit of my testimony! Being a missionary is the best. Some nights I think back and realize I went a whole day just telling people about God and church and stopping people on the street and telling them about Christ, and its funny to think about. And it's fun! Your testimony takes on a whole new meaning, because its what you're using and doing all day long. I'm lucky that we have such a great family that helped me get one before I came out, so that now I just grown it and have things happen that just strengthen it even more. I know that it is all true, and I love being a missionary because I get to see it all work! One thing especially is how much Heavenly Father loves us. I know he does!! I know that prayer is a crazy powerful thing and that he listens to every little piece of our prayers. That's one thing I wish I had known before. He really does care about us, and I love that we can pray to him and just talk and not only pray for things but ask about specifics, help, questions, and blessings. We are lucky to know about this, and its one thing that I love telling people, that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and cares about everything in our lives, even our friends and our school and work and all the way down to how we are feeling. I love being able to just focus on Him and not worrying about everything else. I know He's there. I know he hears us and cares about us. I know that all the stuff that He gives us like the scriptures and prophets and especially families :) are to make us happy, because He really is interested in that!  I hope you know that too :) cuz He really does and I know it! So with ACT, lacrosse, school, friends,  Don't be afraid  to just talk to with Heavenly Father, because he cares and will help you out! That's just one little thing that I have really learned is true since being here.

So we had this zone training about prayer. At the end our president challenged us to go and pray for something super specific, and then for the last hour of training we were going to go out and fulfill it! He promised us that if we went out in faith and gave it our all that it would happen. So Æ. VDB talked about what we would pray for, and we both prayed that in that hour we would be able to find someone that we could teach a full lesson to and that would give a commitment. So we said a prayer and asked specifically for that and then went out and we super pumped to see what happened. We were in åarhus and VDB had served there before when an area popped into his head, so we went there. We had a great contact with this lady, but she said Nej Tak (No Thanks) when we offered the church. We were kinda bummed cuz we thought that was going to be it. But we went on. About 3 contacts later we ran into this lady with a stroller and introduced our selves and who we were and she was like Oh hey cool! I have been looking for a church! where is yours?. haha we were a little surprised. so we pointed he towards the church, and then were able to sit down for a little bit and talk about the Book of Mormon and what makes our church different and she was really excited and gave us her contact info. So our prayer was answered! Just like promised. We went back to the training and found out that all the other missionaries had done it and had similar experiences. It was way cool! Really built my testimony on prayer and how much power faith really can have. The Lord really can do anything, and we know he can, so we just have to do our part and work towards it, and if we have faith he will help us out!

Another:  So we went to go out to this town to contact a referral. It was pretty far away so we had to take buses, where we had to switch buses in this little town called Sejs. We got to Sejs, got of the bus, walked to the other bus stop, and waited for the bus. we were about 5 minutes early, perfect timing. We waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. And waited and waited. For about 40 minutes after it was supposed to come--contacting people that walked by but just standing there waiting for it. We were really confused and didn't know why it wasn't coming. Right when we started talking about going back a car pulled up and a lady rolled down the window and said Hey! Are you Mormons?"  We said "Yeah!" and she told us where she lived and to come over for a cup of hot chocolate! So we went over and were able to teach a lesson and tell her about the church! But how crazy is that? I have no idea why the bus never came. but I'm sure glad that it didn't, because otherwise we wouldn't have found her! The Lord sure works in mysterious ways sometimes, that is for sure. Really Cool though.


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