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Language translation - sick=cool, "rad" or "stoked" in 80's lingo, amazing, wonderful, dope (not ok mission language), or awesome. :)  Just thought I would pass it along.

His language (English speaking) is starting to get a little crazy too.  We've noticed it a little here and there, which is a good thing. 

Notice - he would love to get some Christmas cards!  Thanks for your love and support!  Love you all!  Crysi

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So this week was sick. well, this whole month has been sick. Being a missionary is just sick haha. I think that I am having a little bit too much fun with it... anyways. Sorry for the lack of e-mails these last couple of weeks! Not a ton happened. Not in a bad way though. Just like everything was a blur! But I'll try and give some updates.
So Christmas is in full swing here! It is absolutely insane. People here go all out with Christmas and it is so fun. And the best part is that they are a little more open to talking about Christ. Which is great because we knocked and contacted A TON. And it was way fun! I have loved contacting on my mission so far, which is weird because I thought that would be something that I would struggle with, but It has been way fun! That has definitely been a tender mercy from the Lord!  I get really pumped when I speak Danish :) that helps too. We are going caroling all day on Wednesday for our district activity and it will be way fun! Really, Christmas here is the sweet!
Crazy thing of the week: We got hit by a hurricane!! I think Danish hurricanes are a little less than real hurricanes. But it got a name, Hurricane Bodin! So I guess that counts for something! It was nuts. It may not have been a real hurricane like the ones in Florida, but it was still crazy. And it hit right in the middle of our Mission Christmas Conference. We were in the middle of it and the President stands up and tells us the situation, that there is a big storm coming, and that all the trains have been cancelled except for one, which leaves in thirty minutes ( the trains to Silkeborg were already cancelled, so we were out of luck). So things just went crazy. We had to hurry and grab all of our stuff and cram into all the cars to go to the station. It was nuts. We got crammed in the back of the assistants van and they drove us down to Horsens on their way back to Copenhagen, so we stayed the night in Horsens. We couldn't go out because of the storm, and its a good thing we didn't! The wind like exploded this old apartment next to where we were. and broke all the Christmas trees. Anything that could be broken by wind. It really was some crazy wind! I'll send pics. So Thursday we had to spend the whole day inside.
We had a way good week teaching-wise too! We had a nice little lesson with some Jehovah's Witnesses that was a little interesting, and then we were able to get a hold of a ton of the people that we had contacted from the last little bit and have lessons with them, and they seem really solid! That was really good to see for our area, really exciting. We are starting to get some investigators that are progressing really well and are really excited! It's so great for me to see, because I remember what it was like when we opened it up and we were just knocking all day every day, haha. Never give up on anything! It's been a great motivator for me to see the progress that has been made and I love it. So hopefully I get to stay here one more transfer. We find out transfers this week so fingers crossed. If I'm in Silkeborg for Christmas.... Holy cow I will be so happy!
Well, hope all is going good with everyone! It sounds like you are all having a great Christmas season! Don't forget to send me your Christmas cards ;) really though... that would be awesome! I love you all and miss you tons! God Jule!

I took 180 pictures this week... its gonna be hard to choose.

Storm damage
Inline image 1
Crammed in the assistants van
Inline image 2
I'm gonna have to send another email of pictures... Denmark is way too cool. this house was older than the U.S....Inline image 3

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