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Hej! How was everyone's Christmas??

Christmas in Denmark was amazing... I don't even know where to start... They go pretty crazy over Christmas here. It was a way fun week! Christmas was so cool. The traditions here were amazing! Singing around the Christmas tree, running around in all the rooms of the house, trying to be the first to find an almond that is hidden inside a dessert (kinda like the pickle ornament game, you get a present if you find it!) Just way cool. Here is a picture of me lighting the candles on the tree ( yep- they still use candles as lights on their trees!)
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The trio is turning out way fun! Its a little on the awkward side when we knock or talk to people on the street, but It's working! We have had a good week, found a ton of people. We had a little Christmas message that we offered to share with people where we sang and played the guitar and it worked really well! Our goal right now is  trying to have a companionship of ´oh wells` instead of 'what ifs'. We have being trying to take advantage of all the opportunities we get and give it our all, so that when we come back at night we never have to say "what if we worked harder" or "what if we had talked to that guy," and it has been very fun to live that way!
All is going really well and I am still loving every second of it here. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have some good plans for the New Year! I love you all and miss you!

Don't miss em-

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