Monday, March 16, 2015

3.16.15 A Poem

Subject: A poem

There once left a boy on a mission.
He knew lots of fun he'd be missin'
but he gave up his dreams
for more heavenly things
cuz he knew that for men he'd be fishin'.

Black pants and white shirts he'd be wearing,
the Lord's name on his chest he'd be bearing.
A book in his hand,
''Jeg ved den er sand''*
were the words he'd be constantly sharing.

MTC days were long and quite boring,
but with Metcalf he never was snoring.
They had lots of fun,
but when it was done,
for their visas they were left imploring.

In the beginning he felt unsteady,
His Danish for sure wasn't ready.
But his plans were unravled 
and to Cali he traveled,
In Fresno his back would get sweaty.

In the desert he preached about Jesus,
But hoped that it wouldn't always be thus.
He patiently waited,
and boy was elated,
When his prayer was answered with visas.

The plane ride over was long,
but his greenie fire was strong.
In Denmark he landed, 
heard Danish, felt stranded,
But He knew it was where he belonged

A small city was where he would start. 
VDB** would show him his part.
He would find out his pace
Silkeborg was the place
A spot, it would always have in his heart. 

10 members were all that were there
but that was not a burden to bear
a family they were
felt safe and secure
since their specialty was showing you care.

The work started slow at first, 
but then it all came in a burst.
His trainer moved away
Elder Nelson was... OK
to be honest, it wasn't the worst. 

Training sometimes wasn't a breeze
Although there was work enough to please. 
It wasn't all bad, 
but boy was he glad,
when Durrant would turn 2s into 3s.

The winter was dark and cold
but Christmas some warmth would hold
He ate lots of food
then went home and poo'ed
In a toilet that started to mold***

Trees were replaced with cement,
for it was off to Tåstrup he went.
The hood was diverse
(Keep your hands on your purse!)
It was as ghetto as 50 Cent.

Elder Ockey became a good friend,
our personalities were a good blend
a packed 5 weeks 
they met some sihks
And their neighbors parties wouldn't end. 

Elder Ockey left on his way,
Elder Read showed up the same day.
Bashful and shy,
but still a great guy,
However, the lord would not have it stay. 

Slagelse in spring was so pretty.
To get a car he was a bit giddy.
Elders Hansen and Earl,
His life took a twirl,
Getting sent home was quite... Sad. 

He came back from the dead,
and after all was said,
he'd be with Swan,
in Århus respawn,
The last streats he ever would tread.

The last 6 months cruised by. 
The work was as sweet as pie.
Picture perfect ending,
many people befriending,
With Zenger he finally would die. 

It's funny who he came to be 
all the memories, good times, and glee.
At the end of the track,
it's fun to look back
and see that that he-- is me :)

See you next week. Love ya!


* ''Jeg ved den er sand''= ''I know its true'' in Danish
**VDB= VanDenBerghe. My trainer :)
***Sorry for the crudeness... but anyone that has lived in a missionary apartment knows what i'm talking about. And I needed a rhyme ha :)

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