Sunday, March 1, 2015

3.1.15 3 Weeks to Go!


Sorry I have failed the last couple of weeks at sending a good email out... But I made a goal to write a good one today! Get some good stories in :) 

It was a good week to set that goal too, because we did something way new this week! We taught a lesson over skype! Ha, Skype chat!! 
Not that it was a new program or on i pads or anything... We have an investigator (well, i guess not an investigator. We found out after our little skype chat that he was actually baptized when he was 8 :), that  he lives super far away and we can't get to him very often, so we got permission to skype him instead. He said that was ok... but what he didn't tell us was that he didn't have a webcam or anyway to talk, and that he just wanted to chat haha. So we did! It was actually pretty sweet... It was nice because when we asked questions he had to answer. And we could us lds.orgat the same time to get quotes and stuff to use in the 'lesson'. It was pretty fun and went well! We are probably going to do it again :) I can see why the church is switching to more of that kind of missionary work!

The work is still going super well here. We have been busy and running around all over the city. Especially this week. We were in Copenhagen for a meeting and we had stake conference, which was pretty sweet. They rented out a huge theater (because the stake center here in Ã…rhus isn't big enough) in the city. It was pretty fun, definitely the fanciest stake conference I have ever been to! The seats were all soft and comfortable and they even took our jackets and hung them up for us :) I got to see all of the people from Silkeborg again, which is always fun too. 

We also found out how much gum we could fit in our mouths at once... 6 packs (with 10 pieces each) and a whole pack of bubble tape! It was quite a bit...

It was a good week :) This area is a ton of fun. All is going great! I wouldn't have it any other way for the last little bit of my mission. Hope you all are doing well! Love you and miss you! 


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