Monday, October 13, 2014


So to explain the Denmark people think it's too personal when someone walks up and starts throwing religion at them.  So Conner and his old companion noticed that if they just go out and start throwing a football people approach them to start a conversation.  Pretty smart I must say!  I'm sure they have many ways to turn a football conversation into a missionary discussion.  Haha.  Love this kiddo and am so excited he was able to make it back for his baptism!  Originally Conner scheduled the baptism for September 27th and so he came home knowing he would miss it.  But Sander had to postpone it, and gratefully Conner was back in time and President Sederholm allowed him to go to the baptism.  Tender mercies galore!  Thanks again to all of you for being part of this miracle!  Crysi

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Sander got baptized! 

​(If you remember that one time where an investigator walked into the church while we were emailing, this was him!) I got to go back for it too! It was awesome :) He was super excited. It was a great little baptismal meeting. His whole family came as well, and were really supportive of him. I'm super jealous of the Elders in Slagelse right now because his whole family is probably going to start coming to church as well. I got to ride over to Slagelse with Elder Earl as well, so that was really fun to catch up and talk with him as we rode the train over to Slagelse. That ward is great, It was a blast being back, even if it was just for a little bit. So that was the highlight of the week for sure! 

Århus is great! I like it a lot. Being in a four man apartment is also a blast. I'm still getting to know the area, but it is coming. We ride lots of busses and walk a lot here. Our area is pretty big, has a lot of people in it for just 2 missionaries. And we have the University :) So we meet with some younger people and most of the people that we talk to on the street are younger as well. haha We were out throwing the football the other day and this kid came up and asked in perfect danish if he could throw it. We gave him the ball, and then watched with open mouths as he threw a perfect spiral like 40 yards down to me. Danes can't do that! Usually it looks like a duck and goes about 20 feet. Turns out he wasn't really a Dane haha :) His dad was American so he had grown up there. We talked to him for a while though and set up a football game against him and his friends. It will be a fun game haha :) So Århus is going pretty well. 

Hope everyone had a good week! If you didn't get the chance to see my sister's homecoming pictures, you should ask my mom to send you them. She looked great! (haha sorry to embarrass you Sarah :) But you did!) I love you and miss you all! Ha' det godt! 


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