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So I start all of my journal entries off with a quote of the day. It has been really fun and helps me remember all the funny moments that happen throughout the different days. I thought I would start this email off with one from this week. Thursday's was: 'Oh good, I thought you were a little girl!'. It was said by some random guy to Elder Brady (who is this huge football player guy). Elder Brady tried some licorice ice cream out on the gågade (super public place) and didn't like it, so he made a horrible face. This guy saw that face and went up to him and asked  'What? You don't like it?' Elder Brady tried to be nice and covered his face and said he did like it. Then the guy said that, "Oh good, I thought you were a little girl!" right to his face! haha. We all just about died of laughter. I thought it would be a good story to include because that was the story of the week. We laughed a ton.

We also made a ton of people smile with this:)  

​We had baught pumpkins to carve and were walking back to the apartment, and you should have seen all the looks we were getting haha. :) I'm sure we made like 30 people's days, we got so many smiles. It was pretty funny. 

Ældste Swan and I taught Primary yesterday :) Man, I love primary kids. It was so funny. It was hard to teach because every answer that we would get would just make us die of laughter. Like we asked this one girl: 'Why do you love your family?' and she said,  'Well, because if I don't then they will get offended!' I dont know if we can request callings (Bishop Prater...) but I'm sold. It was a blast. 

It was a fun week. Went by crazy fast. I think that is just going to be the story of the rest of my mission but I'm not complaing about it! It's just a great time. Hope it is going well for all of you back home too! I love you and miss you! 


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