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So, crazy story of the week: We knocked on this door and a young man answered, quickly said 'nej tak' and shut the door. So we moved on to the next door, but then about the 30 seconds later the door we had just knocked opened up again and there was a different man there and he asked us who we were. We told him and he quickly took a card, told us we could come back, and then shut the door. A couple days went by and we felt like we should go back to this door and talk to that guy again. So we did. He opened the door and right off the bat told us to come in! We went in, but we quickly found out that this man had been drinking quite a bit and that he was drunk. Like way drunk. just totally gone. He wasn't really able to comprehend what we were talking about. He told us about how much he hates drinking, his addiction to alcohol, and how much he wants to change. We asked if we could come back another day and he said yes and we made an appointment, and asked him not to drink before we came. On the notepad on his desk we wrote the appointment down and a little summary of what we talked about haha, and that our message would be able to help him out, so that he could remember when we woke up. We came back for the appointment a couple days later... and he was drunk again. We didn't stay for very long, however he requested a Book of Mormon, so we gave that to him and again wrote down a little note about it so that he could remember what it was. The next day, as we were eating dinner, we got an SMS from this man, Knud, telling us to call him. I called him and he was really excited, telling us that we needed to come over and explain something to him and that he wasn't drunk this time. We told him we would be over in just a little bit and we left to go visit him. We got there and he was waiting outside on his balcony, when he saw us he yelled out to us, ran to the door, opened it up, and held up his hands and said "Look at my hands! They aren't shaking!' He quickly invited us in and we sat down and he excitedly told us how he hadn't had a drink since the day before, and that normally when he would go that long with out any alcohol his hands would shake and he would get a really big stomach ache, but none of those things were happening. He was explaining all of this really rapidly and he was just really excited and then he paused, and said, "It's because of that book you gave me!" haha That took us by surprise! He went on to tell us that he had woke up in the morning, saw the book and the notes that we had left, and decided to start reading the book. He read from the beginning all the way until 1 Nefi 19!!! What the heck?! That never happens! He told us that as he began reading the book that his desire to drink started to go away, his stomach ache died down, his hands stopped shaking, and that he started to feel this really amazing feeling. At the end of this story, he paused again and said 'there is something really powerful about this book. I know that what's happened is because of this book. I've investigated other religions, I've gone to different churches, but I've never felt this much power before. Will you explain to me what this is?' Æ. Nelson and I bore our testimonies about the healing power that this gospel can have, both physically and spiritually, and explained to him that what he felt was the Holy Ghost confirming to him that the book was true and that it really could help him. The spirit was super strong as we talked and he just kept telling us how he knew the book was true and powerful. We bore testimony that it was and invited him to be baptized and he said yes! After the lesson ended and it was time to go, he stopped again and said 'I know it wasn't a coincidence that I went back and opened the door and told you to come back. I don't know why I did that, but I know now that it wasn't a coincidence. I needed to find this book and this church!' hahaha Yeah I think I would agree with that!! Way cool story and we are way stoked!

Things are going good here! The Danish is still coming and it's getting really fun! The leaves are all starting to change colors and it is just crazy pretty! I love Silkeborg. Hope everything is going great with you all! Have a great week! I love you all and miss you all!

PS. Shout out to Lia Ludlow! Don't worry I haven't forgotten you Don't worry!

PSS Shout out to all of my cousins! You are all the best! Love you and hope all is going great! 

Here's the pumpkin I carved. It's a missionary if you can't tell. haha and I had to take a picture with the honda sign! 

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