Monday, October 7, 2013


So I'm possibly the worst trainer ever. I left my trainee on a train. Without a ticket. And without the Phone. On his second day here. haha Woops. Luckily though, he did still have a companion... who was also on his second day in Denmark... and also didn't have a phone or ticket. So to back up a bit: we were on our way to århus to watch conference and we are just about to step on the train when one of our investigators, Frederick runs up and he says "How do I get a ticket?!" all stressed out. So we pointed him to the ticket machine and he went over, and we got on the train. We sat down next to some other missionaries, Æ crank og Æ Zelewski (another new missionary), when I looked out the window and saw that Fredrick couldn't get his money to be taken by the machine, and he was stressing pretty bad. So Elder Crank and I were like "shoot, we have to go help him, we can't just let him get left!"   So we ran out to help him and left our trainees on the train. The train driver was leaning out the window and so we asked if he could wait just a little bit so we could help Frederick and he said it was fine. So we frantically help Fredrick out, got him his ticket, run to the train, Frederick slips in right as the doors shut, but they shut on us. so we press the button to get them to open again... but they don't... and the train drives away with our trainees, who have no tickets, phones and can't speak danish. hahahaha So we were like "Shoot! We just lost our trainees and they have no idea where to go!"  Looking back at it now it's pretty darn funny. haha It was funny when it happened too. For us at least haha. But we remembered that Frederick had gotten on the train so we just called him and gave the phone to our trainees and then told them what to do. They got off on the next stop (since we had the tickets) and then waited for us to come on the next train, which was about an hour later, and we made it to århus safe and sound. So it all turned out good. So that was definitely the story of the week. Pretty funny.
We didn't get a lot of work done in our area this week, just because we were in Copenhagen to pick up my trainee, Æ. Nelson and then århus for conference, so I don't really have a ton to tell. But it was a good week and I am really excited to be training! Æ. Nelson is cool and he's willing to work hard. Which is good because he will need it haha. So things are going great here!
Hope all is going great! Hope you all had a good time at conference! Love you and miss you!
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Metcalf and I with our trainees
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