Monday, September 2, 2013


So sorry for the rushed email last week...I totally ran out of time and had to hurry and throw one together before the computer kicked me out. I was hoping to get more in than just my hand bleeding, but that was all I got to. And I sent that email with seriously only 1 second left on the computer. But I have more time this week. Which is great because it was a fun week!!
Himmelbjerg last Monday was way fun! You could see forever from the top of it, even though it was only 500 feet tall. It only took about 15 minutes to hike down and then up it again haha. The parking lot was actually on top of the mountain. But it was still really fun! And incredibly beautiful. We had a blast. Our whole branch came and also Stephen, so it was a really good time! We also got to go to a little town called Gammel Ry. Gammel means old, and it was definitely fitting for this town. It was pretty small and just super old. Like sheep everywhere and the old danish houses with the grass roofs and bright colors and an old church and... a windmill! It was pretty much exactly what I had expected rural Denmark to be like. So we had a really good time there. We visited (or tried, they had moved) a couple of less active members and a couple of former investigators. Then we had to wait about 2 hours for the bus (only 2 buses come a day) so we went and knocked doors in the neighborhood around the windmill, that was super fun. The people there were nice. none of them were really open to the gospel, but they would sit and talk with us instead of just saying nej, tak and shutting the door. It was unreal knocking in that town though. It felt like I was in a movie or something, everything was just sooo old. And the people had some crazy danish jusk accents haha. I wish you all could hear these jusk accents. They are so funny. It pretty much sounds like mumbling with an s sound every now and then. But I can understand it now! Which is great. The work just keeps getting more and more fun with the more that I understand! I love it.
So highlight of Sunday: We have this inactive named Katharine. She was baptized 6 years ago and hasn't come to church since. Missionaries (including us) are always working on her because she is pretty fun and gives you hope that she will come, but then she doesn't. So our branch president had told us that maybe it was time to cut down the visits with her because they just weren't working. But we decided to visit her one last time. So we went and did service with her on Saturday and got her to commit to come to church. We told her about how we were doing a musical number in church (haha yeah we did a musical number) so she had to at least come to see that, and we also told her that we would ride our bikes to church with her in the morning. So we showed up at her house before church and.... She came!! We were so stoked! We got to church and the members were so surprised and they all invited her to come sit next to them and they were tickling her back during sacrament and totally excited about her coming back. One member even offered to give her a ride to church every week and Katharine said yes! After she told us how great she felt now that she had gone to church again and that she couldn't wait for next week!! awesome right? We were really excited for her. Hopefully she keeps coming! Frederick was in århus yesterday so he couldn't come to church, but he is still doing good and progressing, but not much new news with him. He's getting pretty busy with school so hopefully that doesn't get in the way!
So those were the highlights of the week! Pretty darn good. Silkeborg is still the best. The work is starting to pick up so we are getting more lessons in and it's great! I love it here! Hope all is going well with every one! Have a fantastic week! I love you all!

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