Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It was a pretty great week! We had a couple of really cool stories.
First, we have been trying to reactivate a girl named Ami Williamsen. She's 15 and the daughter of one of our branch members, Pam. She is really busy with a bunch of dance stuff and has almost no free time, so it has been hard to find a time to meet. But on Thursday the thought just popped into our heads during planning that we should go and visit Ami on Friday night. So we did that. And she was home! She told us how we were lucky that we had come over at that time, because the wasn't supposed to be free that night, but a couple things had fallen in place so she had some time off. Not only was it perfect timing to find her at home, but at that time they also needed help moving some boxes to their attic, since Pam and her husband have troubles lifting heavy things sometimes, and Ami wasn't really strong enough. So we were able to help them out with that and then sit down and talk with Ami. We were talking about how she likes to write songs and we got her to commit to writing a church song that she could perform in sacrament and we could help her out with the piano. She was really excited about that and told us that should work.  She would clear up her schedule to get some time to make it to church the next couple of weeks. We also talked about missionary work with her, since she had lots of questions about what it was like to be a missionary, and she started to get excited and actually gave us a referral of one of her friends! It was awesome! We are really excited about all the things that happened that night!
Another highlight of the week was when we visited a referral that had never been contacted.  We had found him in the area book that lived all the way out in Gjern (that was a way cool city). We went out there, just to find out that the person the referral was for wasn't home. But as we were walking away from the house a guy drove in on his lawnmower and he turned out to be the referrals dad, "Tex". We talked to him for a little bit and then he invited us into his house to show us a little art museum that he had made in one of the wings of his house (it was a pretty big house, a really old danish farm house.) It was sweet. He then started talking to us about how he had a Book of Mormon and had actually read through it a long time ago when he was in his twenties! He had always been interested in ancient civilizations and loved reading religious texts because they talked about Egypt and all of that stuff, so he had bought a Book of Mormon to read! So we sat down and answered all of his questions that he had had about the book and also about our church, and then we got to tell the Joseph Smith story and it was an amazing lesson! He was really nice and open, and all the things we said actually made pretty good sense to him! He gave us his number and told us to call him and make an appointment where we could come back and talk more! So we were really excited about that! The old referrals turned out towork well for us this week. We visited another one that hadn't been completely contacted as well. He is a 19 year old named Nicolai and he was super fun. He was really lively and just fun to talk to, It was funny that we were the same age. He let us in right away and told us how he loved learning about religion and that was why he had requested a Mormons bog. So we gave it to him and then he straight up asked, "so how did this book come to be?" That made for an easy transition into the restoration lesson haha. We told him about the restoration and prophets and then he asked "So how do you know this is true?" It was funny because he was pretty much just feeding to the flow of the lesson with his questions! So we told him how we came to know that it was true for ourselves, and then read the promise in Moroni that he could get the same answer that we have gotten if he reads and prays about it, and committed him to try the promise out. It was awesome! We told him how one of the things we do as missionaries is have little discussions about our church about what we believe and offered to come and tell him more, and he said yes! So contacting those old referrals turned out to be really good for us this week in Silkeborg! We are really excited about the work this week.
Hope everyone had a fantastic week! I'm doing great here and loving every second of it! I love you all!
Dont miss em!
Pictures: skipping rocks and some kind of modern art thing.

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