Monday, August 5, 2013


How is everyone doing? Things are going great here in Denmark! This week went by líke a blur! I think I have said that in every single on of my emails since I've been on my mission. There wasn't a ton of variety this week, just visiting inactives and knocking on doors!!  We figured that the members would be a good place to start with opening our area, so we got a ward list and made it a goal to visit every single member, inactive or less active. So that took up quite a bit of time from the week, just meeting with them. unfortunately, we didn't really get anything out of it... but that's ok! for the most part people just weren't interested in the church anymore and a ton of them had moved. Kinda a bummer, but nothing too bad. We only got through all the members in Silkeborg, so we still have to visit all the ones out in the little towns around Silkeborg (Which I am suuuuper stoked about because the danish countryside is amazing!) We did get a couple referrals from it though and we found a couple potential people to teach just by knocking the doors around the members, so it was still a success! Even if it wasn't too big of one. But yeah that pretty much sums up the week with what we did! Haha it was a lot better than it sounds I promise! Knocking doors was actually pretty fun. Especially when it was in all the little neighborhoods. And we did it so much that I was able to start to experiment with what I could say on my door approaches in Danish, so that was fun! There were a couple fails, but for the most part it worked pretty good! We are super excited for this area though. The members, even though there aren't very many, have been pretty excited about helping us, so we were able to get a couple referrals from them and are visiting them tonight! We know that its only a matter of time before we start to see things start to happen. Especially since the members are excited with the work. Anything can happen when the members are excited! We should see something start to change this week, so hopefully next weeks email will actually have some good stories about teaching people!
I still can't believe I'm in Denmark. Every time we go around a corner its something new and crazy and pretty. We got to go to a little branch activity (like 3 people showed up) this that was pretty fun! We went to a musuem of a tørv factory, and we got to walk a horse, so that was pretty cool! haha I don't know why but it was so exciting to walk a horse. That's what one of the pictures I attached was of, so I don't know what happened to the picture with the horse in it, so its just me. The second picture is just the Danish countryside and the last one is of a Danish playground. Pretty great!! I love everything I have seen in Denmark so far. It's all so great! Oh guess what! We talked to an American this week! It was weird. Danes are so much different! This guy was from Texas too, so It was definitely an interesting contrast. But yeah, it was a great week and I'm still loving every single second of it! It feels so great to be here and finally know that I can stay in my area and work and not have to worry about being transferred like it was in Fresno! Hopefully i don't have to worry about that at least... knock on wood!
Hope everyone has a good week!! Make the best of summer before school starts again! It's so great not having to worry about school starting again. I love you all and hope that everything is going fantastic back at home!
Med kærlig hilsen,

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