Monday, August 12, 2013



We have an investigator!!!! 2 actually!!! It was a great week. We finally contacted a referral that president had given us, and it was awesome! Her name is Tina and she is super cool! She was excited to see us and she gave us this awesome cake to eat when we first got there, so that was a really good sign right off the bat! We talked to her for a while and just got to know her then taught a quick little restoration message, and then she talked about how she loved the eternal families part of our church! It was a super fun lesson, and after she asked us for our number so she could have us over for dinner next time we come to teach her!! So it went really well. She has been out of town for most of this week but I can't wait until we get to go teach her again because there is a ton of potential with her and her family. And danish food is realllllllllllllllllly good. You should have seen this feast we had on Friday with some members. I wish I would have taken pictures it was so good! And then on Wednesday we went to go visit this former investigator, Kim, and we knocked on his door and they opened it and invited us in without us even saying anything! We were definitely surprised by that. Kim went on to tell us how he watches BYUtv all day long and how he even watched the district!! (the missionary training videos haha). He then started talking about baptism and how he would like to start working towards that again! And all of this without us really even bringing anything up! So it was super cool and we were really pumped about that! We went back and visited him on Saturday to invite him to church and he said he didn't really feel like going though, so that was a bummer. But hopefully something will come out of it! So we have investigators finally! Now its getting real. 

Man this week was so fun. On Friday we went to Kjellerop to contact a referral that we had received and to work out there for the day. The referral is for this lady that visited the U.S. and somehow visited winter quarters and was interested in learning more about our church! You should have seen where she lived.... holy cow! It was just out in the middle of nowhere and it was sooo pretty. To get there we just walked on this little road that wound through the hills and the fields and it was so cool! It's a good thing it was a fun walk because she wasn't home so it would have been quite the bummer if it wasn't a good walk. But we worked out in Kjellerop for the rest of the day and that was fun to work out in a little town like that! Yesterday we set off on this monster of a bike ride (40 KM) to a little town called Bording to visit a part member family. About halfway there we drove by this house and in the garage there was this massive Chevy truck and a 60's Chevelle and then an American flag! So of course we had to stop and say Hi! We knocked on the door and a guy walked up in this Miller lite jeans and we totally thought we had found an American! But then he said Hi to us in danish... and we were a little confused. Turns out this guy just has a massive crush on everything to do with America! It was pretty funny. We explained how we thought he was maybe american because of his cars and the flag and how hey! We come from America and he was really excited about that. I broke out a couple of pictures of America and he was just amazed, especially by the pictures of the Utah snow and us snowmobiling. He thought that was all just great! He thought it was great that we were from Utah because I guess Utah "has just the perfect weather to make your skin feel great!" He was super friendly and we had a ton of fun talking to him. His Girlfriend then came home with a box of some kind of danish bread and gave us some of that (again, it tasted so good!) and then we talked with both of them about how we are Mormon missionaries (she thought we were J dubs) and they said that once they get back from their trip (to America, of course) that we should come stop by and talk with them!! It was super fun, and I doubt that it was coincidence, so you best believe that we are going over there as soon as they get back!! How cool would it be if they ran into the church on their trip??? If anyone sees a couple of Danes in Texas ( Jared and Kyle) make sure to say hi!!! So those were some of the highlights of the week!

Hope everyone is doing great! I love you and miss you all! have a great week!


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Zone Champion at bowling. 177! . Whatup! 
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