Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4.10.13 Week 1 MTC

The MTC is not what I expected it to be at all! My companion's name is Elder Metcalf. He is a CLONE of Todd Lange. Its hilarious! he has the exact same personality, they use the same words and phrases, and they kinda look alike too! Its kinda creepy how similar they are. He is mad at me right now for saying that he is a clone ha ha. He is from Cottonwood and went to BYU too. He got his call the same day that I did, but he dropped all his classes instead of taking finals early. He is way chill, and we have probably been having a little too much fun...

The first week was pretty crazy! After getting dropped off I went straight to my language class and we learned Danish! or tried to... our teacher only talked in Danish so we were pretty lost, but at least we figured out how to pray! Danish is interesting... the grammer and stuff isn't hard at all, but it is not pronounced anything close to English. Ks are Gs, D's are L's, G's can be a G, a Y, or just silent. and there are no rules as to when things are silent or make a different sound, they just are! Like the word for had is "havde", but it is pronounced "hell" ha ha. But I love it! its really exciting when we start to get words. We taught our first "investigator" on Thursday (the day after we got here)... In Danish... that was interesting. I'm sure we sounded horrible! It was way fun though and me and elder Metcalf were stoked with how it went. We have taught him every day since in Danish and we can already understand somewhat his questions and what he is saying. The only problem is we have no idea how to respond ha ha. We write down all the things we want to say before hand but lots of times he asks questions that we don't have the answer for in danish, so we have to hurry and flip through our dictionaries to try and find the words. I'm sure we look pretty funny madly flipping through our dictionaries. Elder Metcalf had a nice game of Pictionary with the investigator too when he was trying to figure out how to say words that went with the plan of salvation.

The last district of Danes that were in the MTC before us didn't get their visas so they had to go to Tennessee, so hopefully mine comes in time for me to go to Denmark!

We scored with our schedule for the MTC. all of our really long classes are spread out and we have gym in the evening so it gives a perfect break for us before the final stretch of classes at night. ah Gym is the best. I didn't know that we had gym every day. That was a nice surprise. I have a way fun district and we all play each other in basketball during gym. We have all gotten super close already and are having a ton of fun. I'm not sure if that is good or bad ha ha because we might be having a little too much fun. there are 6 of us crammed into one of the rooms in the MTC. It gets a little crazy sometimes but at others it can be super fun. There are 22 of us total going to Denmark in this transfer. 11 Elders and 12 Sisters.

Well I'm running out of time on the computer so I need to go. Thanks for all the letters, they are so much fun to get! I miss you all and love you all!
Dont miss 'em!
-Elder Ludlow  
I found Elder Te'o. Thats what the picture is of

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